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The Pros and Cons of Lasik

Blurry vision has you scrambling to see the world, but you’re hesitant about corrective surgery. Should you go under the knife to correct your vision with Lasik or should you try to manage your vision with glasses? It’s a tough decision for many to make, because there are both pros and cons to Lasik eye surgery. The Pros of Lasik ...

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5 Common Eyesight Problems, Its Symptoms and Treatments

Some people are experiencing some problems in their eyesight that can be a hindrance in their performance of various activities. Some of the common eyesight problems include myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and night vision problems. These problems are evident of wide array of symptoms and a lot of treatments are available to resolve the problem. Common Eyesight Problems There is a ...

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Are Progressive Lenses For You?

An increasing number of people who are in need of near vision help are turning to the progressive lenses for their vision needs. The need for near vision correction happens when the muscles and the interior lens of the eye begin to loose their elasticity much like a rubber band does as it ages. Progressives is more commonly known as ...

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Best Foods to Eat While You Are Pregnant

No matter how healthy your diet may be, you might have to change it a little while you are pregnant. Some foods you may want to eliminate altogether, while others, you will want to increase in your daily menu. In our modern research, we try to figure out more about health, food, and nutrition during pregnancy. In order to do ...

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How to Get Rid of Cancer

HOW TO REVERSE CANCER Given the right environment, our body has the capacity to heal itself and to function at its optimum ability. It is very sad and unfortunate that the lifestyles we chose to chose for ourselves does not allow the necessary condition for our body to heal itself. No one is quarreling with the role of the medical ...

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Lead in Our Food? Now, THAT is a Heavy Meal!

The heavy metal lead is naturally found in the earth; in rocks, soil, rivers, lakes, seawater, and even the air (dust). It has no taste or smell. It is the heaviest of all non-radioactive metals. It is found in virtually everything you eat, drink, and breathe. During the Twentieth Century the earth became “coated” in a layer of lead due ...

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Sharingan Contacts

A calling to all fans of Naruto: If you want to mimic the Sharingan red eyes, now is your time to shine and to impress all of your fellow Naruto friends. Let’s let our non Naruto friends in on the fun. Sharingan eyes are designed after red eyes with a thin black circular outline around the circle and a few ...

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