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Three Types of Vaccinations For International Travel

When most people think of traveling abroad, their first thoughts are about getting or updating an existing passport or visa. However, just as important is the need to obtain the required vaccinations. The required vaccinations are designed to protect those who are traveling as well as those who reside at the travel destination. Your family physician or the local health ...

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Meditation and Stress Relief

When I first started to meditate, about ten years ago now, I had no idea of the positive effect it would have on all areas of my life. Sometimes we think we are content and happy, or at least should be, but do you sometimes feel that something is missing but just cannot put your finger on what it is? ...

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Cancer Diet – 10 Super Foods to Fight Cancer

John Wayne called it “The Big C”. More than 25 years after the famed actor’s death, however, research has pointed the way toward cancer prevention through consuming a cancer diet, rich with foods to fight cancer. There are ten super foods to fight cancer that should be included in every cancer diet: (1) Garlic – one of the best foods ...

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Common Diseases Found On Tropical Trees

There are many hazards associated with growth among tropical trees. Tropical Trees are just as susceptible to disease as any other living organism. One graphic concern here, though, is that tropical trees, in case you haven’t noticed, are an endangered species. So the study of common diseases that inflict many of these trees is a worthwhile endeavor. It’s not just ...

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Best Antioxidant Supplement Super Foods – Take Advantage of the Number 1 Superfood

If you are looking for the best antioxidant supplement super-foods, you may already know that a foods antioxidant nutrition is measured by it’s ORAC value – Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity – the antioxidant capacity found in a biological sample. Many foods are now tested using this methodology, where various berries, vegetables and fruits, most notably maqui, acai, pomegranate, goji fruit ...

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High Blood Pressure and Air Travel

Blood Pressure And Flying Are you taking blood pressure medication? Are you worried about flying? Well then the news is good. If you have high blood pressure that is controlled by medications, flying is just as safe for you as any of the other passengers on board. There is no evidence that any prescription medication for hypertension will affect your ...

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Heart Healthy Diet Superfoods

Heart disease kills thousands of people around the world each year. Even though we realise that eating healthy foods that are nutrient dense can reduce the risk, we may no know which foods are the best to battle this widespread disease. Here is a list of heart healthy diet superfoods to help anyone. Put simply, eating more fibre dense foods ...

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Vaccinations Needed For Traveling to Kenya

When you travel to Kenya just like you would to any other country you are supposed to take vaccinations that will enable you at least to stay healthy during your trip. Your doctor or personal physician knows you better and so you should make a point of consulting him or her to advise you better on the most important vaccinations ...

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The Best Stress Relief Products For a Healthy, Calm and Stress-Free Life – Get the Life You Deserve

Most people suffer from stress in their lives due to lack of time and increased activities during the day. Stress can manifest itself physically, mentally and emotionally. Therefore, more and more people are turning to stress relief products to combat stress in their daily lives. Most heart problems and blood pressure fluctuations are caused due to excess stress in people’s ...

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