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Which Protein Shakes Give the Best Results?


The best protein shake fits the requirements of the body at a specified time: For weight loss, a shake of mostly protein with minimal amounts of carbohydrates and only a trace of fat will work best; after exercise, a middle range shake with a mixture of protein, carbohydrates and fat is recommended. This will quickly replenish fluids and energy supplies.

Protein shakes are designed to fit many needs, although normally, the body gets enough protein from a well planned diet. Yet for convenience, there are many varieties of already prepared and calculated body protein drinks available. Some are almost 100% protein, others, partially protein with carbohydrates, and still others are available with a small amount of protein, but higher carbohydrates and fats.

Slim-Fast is a good weight loss protein with more than 50% protein, and a minimal amount of carbohydrates and fats. Too, this diet supplement has an ample supply of daily recommended vitamins and minerals. Muscle Milk, middle ranged between high protein and high carbohydrate, is a good example of an all around good protein shake for after exercise routines. At this time, the body will be needing to replenish its fluids, and to restore its depleted energy supply.

The best types of protein are from either milk or casein. Milk is faster absorbing and after strenuously exercising, it is rapidly absorbed into the system, whereas casein, the real protein after the liquid part of milk – whey – has been removed, is slower acting. Precise ingredients will be on the labeling and this should be read when in doubt.

Casein is the best type of protein when the shake is used as a meal replacement or before bedtime. Soy, a plant protein source, is often thought of as benefiting women because of its possible help with menopausal symptoms. It does have that extra benefit of being antioxidant.

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