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Why Sex-ify Something Offensive, Sexy Ebola?

Happy Halloween

Every year in October, feminist blogs and social media light up with outrage over the supposed scourge of “sexy” Halloween costumes. People share photos of the worst offenders, usually costumes that sex-ify something usually not seen as sexy, such as “sexy ebola” or “sexy Big Bird“. (Which was actually no sexier than a standard flapper dress.) The argument against these ...

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Environmental Toxins Causing Early Puberty in Both Boys and Girls

Reaching puberty is a rite of passage that we’ve all been through, but children are now reaching it earlier than ever before, and while precocious puberty in girls has received most of the attention, we now know the trend applies to boys as well. In the 19th century, the onset of menstruation in girls occurred around the age of 15. ...

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Five Steps to Building Muscle After 50

Do you think you’re too old to start building muscle after 50? Many people, after they reach the age of 50 think that it’s too late, or that their bodies couldn’t take the stress of exercise. That’s a lot of hooey. Fifty year old people build muscle just like those of any age, younger or older. Muscle growth requires only ...

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Antibiotics Make You Susceptible to Skin Cancer

Do you know Some antibiotics can lead to a higher sun sensitivity of the skin and thus may lead to increased skin cancer risk? Antibiotics make you susceptible to skin cancer Most people believe that the sun is THE risk factor for the development of skin cancer.Hardly anyone is considering that there could perhaps be quite different causes.Antibiotics, for example, ...

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Alternative Treatment For Psoriasis – Detoxification

An alternative treatment for psoriasis is detoxification. This treatment may just be the solution that you need to keep your skin disorder under control. According to naturopathic doctors, treating psoriasis helps by treating your liver. Psoriasis has been linked to the presence of several microbial byproducts in the blood. These signs point to an abnormal function of the liver. Your ...

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Backpacking Checklist – Medicine

Imagine finding out that your stomach thinks that you should not have had that ice cream just before your bus departs for a 18 hour ride. Having the right medicine with you can literally be a life saver. Always double check with medical authorities what you need to bring on your trip. The below list has a few suggested items ...

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Can Alkaline Water Cure Your Disease?

Some people ask this; can alkaline water cure disease?  Prevent disease? Maybe but it helps at the minimum. Why? We have to know that basically there are three main functions or benefits of ionized water described below. First, alkaline water will balance the pH inside the body. Our body tends to have acidic condition with pH around 4 as a ...

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Factors That Affect How Drugs Work

Most drugs work through the interactions of the receptors found on the cell’s surface or the enzymes contained in the cells. The enzymes are responsible for regulating the pace of how chemical reacts. The molecules of enzyme and receptor have a particular three-dimensioned structure that permits only specific substances to attach to it. These substances should precisely fit to these ...

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Heartburn and Ulcer Medicine Can be Causing Vitamin B-12 Deficiency!

There are a lot of different medications that work by reducing the amount of acid in your stomach. Some are called Histamine 2 (H2) blockers and are now available over the counter. This class includes popular brands like Zantac (Ranitidine), or Axid (Nizatidine). These products work by blocking the H2 receptor-site and consequently reducing the amount of acid your stomach ...

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The Best Hyperthyroidism Diet

Hyperthyroidism is the condition of the thyroid gland where in it produces too much hormones. It is the job of the thyroid to secrete T3 hormones into our body. This enables the metabolism to be regulated. Without the thyroid gland, the entire body will not function properly, or cannot work at all. However, due to the lack of certain vitamins ...

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