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The Five Common Types of Skin Conditions

There are millions of skin conditions and disorders that plague the modern age human beings. Skin conditions or disorders can be of various types. While the cures for some have been found, the others still remain a mystery to the scientists and doctors alike. Skin conditions or disorders are not restricted to one particular gender or age group. They can ...

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The Benefits of Open Communication in the Workplace

Hardly anyone with an ounce of business acumen would argue that the concept of an open communication culture in the workplace is preferable to that of a closed, secretive, Soviet-style environment. It makes perfectly good sense, right? Why, then, do so many companies pay so little attention to the practice of developing and continuously fostering such a concept? Like much ...

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Acai Ultra Burn – Super Food Diet

The Acai comes from the Acai palm – a member of the genus “”Euterpe””. This berry is native to tropical Central and South America. Growing mainly in floodplains and swamps, it was not till a decade ago that people became aware of the long held secret of Brazilian lands that has now been proved to fight deathly diseases like cancer ...

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How to Stop Dizziness Naturally

Ever felt as if the world were spinning around you? Or that the darkness is sucking you in? Dizziness can range from light-headedness to nausea, vomiting to blackouts. Depending on how it manifests itself, there are different kinds of dizziness. Vertigo is by far the most common kind of dizziness. It is believed that a good percentage of people over ...

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The Most Dangerous Fish in the Amazon River – The Candiru

The fish is attracted by the smell of human urine. After tasting the urine the candiru may follow the urine stream back to the human. It then swims up the urethra and uses its spines to manifest itself somewhere in the urinary tract. After having spread the spines like an umbrella the candiru finally starts to draw blood and may ...

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Men’s Hormones Affects Libido, Strength, Ambition and Mood

Men’s hormones go through fluctuations at different stages of life. Just think of a teenage boy when testosterone is ramping up and their minds and bodies are not accustomed to their effects. The surges are erratic and can result in feelings of being powerful and confident and performing actions without carefully considering the consequences. Too much gives them acne and ...

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Stress And Weight Loss

Can Stress cause weight gain? Stress and weight loss are linked. Emotions influence our hormones which in turn influence our emotions which influence our eating habits. The hormone adrenaline is released when we are frightened, excited or anxious.Adrenaline tends to speed up our metabolic rate, the release of this hormone is likely to promote weight loss. Although,long term stress can ...

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Common Tomato Plant Problems – Let the Leaves Tell the Story

Growing tomatoes in a home garden is a popular hobby for millions of people around the world. Why?…because there is NOTHING like a fresh, juicy tomato from your very own garden. Unfortunately, tomato plant problems are also very common. Problems may include harmful insects, diseases and improper care or fertilization. It doesn’t matter whether you grow your tomatoes in a ...

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How to Reduce Stress – Diet, Exercise, and Herbs For Stress

The demands and pace of modern day life can lead to stress and anxiety. On a regular basis, we are dealing with the stresses of work, commute, family, bills, and other responsibilities. Stress is often overlooked but it is important to minimize stress and find relief because it can be harmful to your health and quality of life. Stress can ...

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