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Medical Treatments in India: Best Cure at Low Cost

Over the last decade, Medical Tourism has emerged as a major driver of foreign exchange in India. The major reason behind the uprising popularity of medical tourism in India is the high standards of health care facilities at comparatively low costs. People from First World Countries and Third World countries are choosing India as their base to get their medical ...

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Tribulus Terrestris Extract – A Weed In The West, Testosterone Boosting In China

The Chinese have a very interesting approach to health and medicine. Certainly their culture and wisdom extends many thousands of years back beyond the limited history of Western medicines which in contrast are very primitive. Where the Chinese see the body and mind holistically and treat all issues as a whole, western doctors are almost barbarians by comparison in that ...

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The Truth About Culturelle Probiotics

My Story I bought Culturelle some years ago at the recommendation of a friend, who was giving this to her autistic son to treat his leaky gut syndrome. Costing approximately SGD40 for a 30 day supply, this product did not come cheap. But I decided to give it a try anyway, hoping that it would ease the digestive troubles I ...

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Celiac Disease Biopsy Explained: Part I Villous Atrophy

The diagnosis of celiac disease is confirmed by a characteristic abnormal appearance of the small intestine under the microscope. Flattening of the normal finger like projections called villi accompanied by signs of inflammation is taken to indicate damage or injury from the storage protein gluten in wheat and similar proteins in barley and rye. The small intestine biopsy has became ...

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20 Environment-Related Diseases

There is a strong link between environmental degradation and public health. The occurrence of these diseases are on the increase as environmental degradation worsens. Below are 26 diseases and ailments related to the environment. Allergies and Asthma Many people today suffer from allergies; sneezing, with running noses and itching eyes from pollen, dust and other substances. About 50 million American ...

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Keeping Your Testosterone Levels High the Easy Way

There are way too many men in the United States with Libido problems or trouble gaining muscle and losing fat. Much of this is due to the decline in the testosterone levels of men in the US since the 1930’s. Here’s a quick guide to the most effect how you raise your testosterone levels naturally. Introduction All of the items ...

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Health Insurance – The Role Of The Broker

For many people, seeking health insurance is a daunting prospect with a number of companies to choose from each offering a range of policies which can be both complex and difficult to decipher. For this reason it is often wise to employ the services of a broker to match your needs to the right health insurance company and policy. Having ...

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Children and Learning Disabilities – It’a a Bit Like Football

With all of our modern technologies and techniques, why is it that there seems to be an ever increasing number of children with Learning Disabilities? You can pay hundreds of dollars for tests that yield diagnoses like dyslexia, ADHD, scotopic sensitivity and learning disabilities, but rarely do you ever get any clear guidance of what to do to help the ...

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