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The Best Herbs For Colds and Flu May Help With the H1N1 Swine Flu


There are many herbs that help fight the bacteria and viruses associated with colds and flu. No one knows exactly what will work for the H1N1 Swine Flu, but many of these herbs should still be of help with the symptoms.

What are the favorite herbs used by herbalists? Below is a list of those herbs that many herbalists rely on time and time again to assist the body through the aches and pains, congestion, sore throats, and coughs from the seasonal flu.

o Elder. Elder flowers and berries are a favorite of herbalists. You can buy this in a tincture or syrup from many health food stores. It is good for overall cold and flu conditions. It relieves bronchial congestion and ear infections.

o Garlic and onions. These are anti everything that is bad for you-bacteria, viruses and more. Garlic can be eaten in its raw form for its excellent healing properties. Just crush a clove of garlic and mix it with a spoon of honey and swallow. Both garlic and onions give soups and broth flavor and is a great way to take in those healing qualities. Onions have been used as a poultice on the throat for sore throats.

o Horehound and Coltsfoot. Both of these herbs are for coughs. The best way to take horehound is as a candy! Coltsfoot has been a favorite for coughs for centuries.

o Chamomile. This relaxing and calming herb is for your aches and pains. It can also help relieve coughing spasms. Chamomile will help you relax so you can sleep better.

o Mullein. This is a lymph mover. Massage mullein tincture into your lymph glands and it will help unclog them and get them moving. This helps to flush the virus and toxins out of your system. Drink 2 cups of mullein tea a day and it will relieve sore throat and lung congestion.

o Sage and Thyme. These aromatic herbs help unclog those sinuses. They are powerful medicine for congestion. Put 1-2 drops of essential oil in a bowl of hot water. Lean over the bowl, cover your head with a towel and gently breathe in.

o Have a pine tree? Chew on pine needles or make a tea from them to soothe sore throats and relieve lung congestion.

These are just a few of the wonderful medicinal herbs that many herbalists consider tried and true. I know I’ll be keeping them on hand for any type of flu.

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