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Meditation to Relieve Stress


Living in today’s high tech world stresses our bodies in ways our ancestors never experienced. The stress may be job related or home related or both. No matter what the source, stress depletes our energy and lessens the quality of our life.

Some people seek out unhealthy solutions to stress such as smoking, excessive use of alcohol, drugs, and over eating. While this may appear to temporarily lessen stress, over the long term it makes it worse.

However there are healthy ways to deal with stress without resorting to prescription medications. One of these is meditation. Meditation is a relaxation technique, which brings the mind and body into a state of tranquility. Meditation has been practiced in Asia since ancient times.

Meditation is cost less. It requires no equipment and can be done by anyone. All you need is a time commitment.

First, you must detach yourself from your world. That means turn off your cell phone, unplug your land phone, and find a place where you can spend thirty to fifty minutes without anyone disturbing you.

Then assume one of the meditation postures that is comfortable for you. If you decide to sit, sit in firm chair with an upright back. Have your feet together and flat on the floor. Your hands should rest on your lap.

If you’re sure you won’t fall asleep you can lie down. Lie flat on your back with your hands resting by your side.

You can also kneel or use a lotus position if you can relax in these positions. But some people may find them difficult.

Once in position, begin to breathe deeply. Breathe in and out through your nose and keep your mouth closed. Breathe deeply and slowly. Starting with your toes, imagine them relaxing. Then proceed up your body, imaging each part feeling relaxed until your entire body is totally relaxed.

Once your body is relaxed, imagine a beautiful place where you would enjoy being. It can be by a mountain stream, by the seashore, in a beautiful valley, wherever you would love to be. This place is full of beautiful trees, plants, and flowers. Interesting but friendly animals roam around. The breeze gently caresses your face. It is warm but not hot. It is the perfect place to be.

Here you are safe. No one can hurt you. You can just sit and relax or you can roam around, touch the luxurious plants, smell the pretty flowers, wade in the water, and pet the gentle animals. Explore, listen, enjoy. This is your special place. You can return to it anytime you wish to. It will always be there waiting for you. In this special place you will always feel calm and relaxed.

Once you have learned how to travel to your special place, you can do it any time you have the time. If you are bothered by a problem, going to your special place might bring a solution.

It may take a little practice for you to learn to meditate in this way. If you encounter difficulties you can get help. If you live in an urban area, you will find many meditation classes available. But if there are no classes near you, you can always purchase books and tapes. The tapes are guided meditations. You simply find a quiet place, assume the meditative posture, and then follow the instructions on the tape.

Meditation is not difficult to learn and it is a powerful stress buster.

Source by Brenda Williams

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