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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment


If you think that you are going to, one day, just snap out of PTSD, think again. It actually takes professional help, time and effort to overcome this. Don’t feel as though all hope is lost, because it is treatable. It normally takes about 10-16 weeks of treatment before you feel better, but you will eventually feel better, which is what is most important.

Dealing With PTSD

The sooner your seek treatment, the better off you will be. If you let PTSD go untreated it will eventually become a chronic mental health disorder that can be disabling, so the earlier you get the treatment for PTSD, the better your chances are of not having it become ingrained and being persistent.

The first step in getting better is to see your regular doctor. They will talk to you and access your symptoms to determine if you truly do have PTSD. Your doctor will also be able to help you manage some of the symptoms you are having.

If the doctor determines that you indeed do have PTSD they will most likely recommend you to a mental health professional. These doctors would include psychologists, counselors or psychiatrists.

There are many different treatments for PTSD that you can try. One thing that is recommended is talking about the event. This helps people confront what happened to them. The best person to talk to about the event would be a psychologist, counselor or psychiatrists because they have a better understanding and more sources to help you work through things.

When you see your health care professional they will help you with dealing with PTSD. They will find a way to help you ease the distress of the memories that you have. Some things they might have you try are relaxation techniques, controlling your breathing and other things that are commonly used when treating PTSD.

Some things that might also help you are:

1. Exercising and eating right

2. Returning to your old routine. This will help give you some structure back in your life.

3. Don’t over do it with drinking or other drugs. The feelings you get from that stuff won’t last.

Another thing that your doctor might suggest is putting you on some medication. They will discuss the various drugs that can be used and the benefits and disadvantages of each one with you. The most common that are used to help with PTSD are antidepressants. Some will use them only for a short time while others might need them for years. It really depends on the person and the situation.

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