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Top 3 Methods of Permanent Hair Removal at Home


A lot of people are looking to remove unsightly hair, but would rather do it in the privacy of their own homes. People desiring permanent hair removal at home have a few options. They should also, however, be on the lookout for scams and ripoffs. As in any else in life, something that sounds too good to be true, probably is.

1) Electrolysis

One method for permanent hair removal at home is electrolysis. In home electrolysis, an ultra thin metal probe is inserted in the hair follicle, and a minute amount of electricity is applied, which damages the hair follicle. This causes a permanent hair removal. Home electrolysis units are available for around $40-$50. Make sure you choose a model that does in fact involve inserting a probe into the hair follicle. Products that eliminate this feature effect a only temporary hair removal at the best.

Permanent hair removal at home with electrolysis can be touchy. Removing hairs one at a time takes a lot of time, particularly if you have thick hair. If you are inexperienced in this procedure, it is easy to accidentally damage our skin.

For permanent hair removal at home, we would suggest that electrolysis be done by a trained professional.

2) Topical Cream

So far, Vaniqa is the only topical cream for long-term hair loss that is recommended, and it is available only through a prescription. Vaniqa slows new hair growth, and must usually be used in combination with supplementary hair control methods such as shaving or plucking.

This ointment must be applied twice a day, and has some restrictions. It is only for women and only useful for facial hair growth. If use of Vaniga is discontinued, hair will recommence growing at its normal rate.

3) Oral Medication

Medications may not produce permanent hair removal at home, but do produce permanent hair reduction by hindering growth of new hair. The majority of these medications work by reducing the amount of testosterone or androgen hormones that cause hair growth.

All medications for inhibiting new hair growth at this time require a prescription. See your dermatologist or family doctor for these medications, which include Daine35, Propecia, and Aldactone.

People are sometimes frantic about finding methods of permanent hair removal at home, and can be vulnerable to scam artists selling expensive products that are don’t work or have not been proven to work. Before you spend any money, please talk to your doctor or dermatologist.

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