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Aloe Vera – Vaginal Yeast Infection Natural Treatment?


Have you ever tried aloe vera for a vaginal yeast infection? If not you are missing out on one of the absolute best ways to experience rapid relief from a gnawing, chronic, irritating vaginal yeast infection. In this article I will expose why aloe vera is an effective treatment and what other things you should be doing in order to eliminate yeast infections and its symptoms fast.

The aloe vera plant leaves contain a thick gel like substance that when applied to tissues has a regenerative and healing effect on the skin. Part of this effect is due to the fact that it is able to reduce inflammation of all kinds, this is why its so profoundly useful in treating sun burns as well.

It’s rare for aloe vera itself to cause an irritation as well, however it is well known that many added ingredients and preservatives can actually cause an irritation. Unfortunately I happen to be one of those individuals myself, so what I recommend is that you seek out an aloe vera gel that is at least 99% pure with no added preservatives. If you aren’t sensitive then this pre-caution isn’t really necessary but I thought I’d warn you first. To test to see if you’re sensitive apply a small amount to the skin on the inside of your forearm if there’s a redness or any other strange reaction, don’t use it. The best form of aloe vera you could ever use would be the gel from just inside the plant, you can’t get any more natural than that and aren’t going to have any intolerances to it either.

While suffering from a yeast infection its an excellent idea to move around as much as possible and avoid sitting for extended periods of time. The key is to keep the area dry (With the exception of something like Aloe which actually helps). Also avoid tight fitting pants and swimsuits if prone or currently going through an infection.

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