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5 Common Eyesight Problems, Its Symptoms and Treatments


Some people are experiencing some problems in their eyesight that can be a hindrance in their performance of various activities. Some of the common eyesight problems include myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and night vision problems. These problems are evident of wide array of symptoms and a lot of treatments are available to resolve the problem.

Common Eyesight Problems

There is a wide array of vision and eyesight problems that can be a hindrance to the performance of a person in his or her different activities. Weak eyesight is a common problem nowadays. Knowing the symptoms of eyesight problems is of vital importance to do necessary actions while it is still early. Here are some of the common eyesight problems that people commonly suffer with as well as the symptoms and treatment for the eyesight and vision problems:

1.      Myopia (near-sightedness)

One of the common eyesight problems nowadays is myopia or the near-sightedness. In this eyesight problem, you can only see things that are near clearly. This happens because of the elongated shape of our eyeball that causes light to be concentrated directly on our retina rather than just on the surface.

·        Symptoms:People who have myopia often have headaches due to the strain they get when trying to focus on far objects.

·        Treatment:The most common treatment to this problem is wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses and lasik surgery.

2.     Hyperopia (farsightedness)

If in myopia we can only see clearly those objects which is near to us, in hyperopia or farsightedness we can only see far objects clearly. Due to this problem, they get strain very hard when trying to see objects that are within their proximity. In this case, a person with hyperopia has a shorter eyeball making the light to fall behind the retina rather than the surface.

·        Symptoms:A person may experience blurred vision and difficulty in seeing objects in short distances.

·        Treatment:This condition is commonly treated by using corrective lenses. Refractive surgery can also be applied in treating hyperopia.

3.     Astigmatism

In astigmatism, those who have this problem have blurred vision at all distances and headaches. This is because the shape of the eyeball which is more oblong than spherical causes two light points instead of just one to focus on the retina.

·        Symptoms:People with Astigmatism may experience distorted vision at all distances, headache and fatigue as well as some irritation and discomfort in the eye.

·        Treatments:Wearing special contact lenses and eyeglasses and also refractive surgery are the treatments to this problem.

4.    Presbyopia

This is another common eyesight disorder that usually occurs because of old age or aging. The eyes lose its ability to focus on objects and things at a distance causing a blurred vision. Presbyopia commonly occurs to the people who are at the age of forty or above.

·        Symptoms:People suffering of Presbyopia often have a blurred vision of objects near to them.

·        Treatments:Presbyopia is commonly treated by wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses that can correct the vision.

5.    Poor night vision

Poor night vision is common eyesight problem. It may be an early sign of progressive cataracts. Night vision problems or the worst case, the night blindness, may be treatable or could be a sign of a congenital problem such as retinitis pigmentosa or other more serious conditions. It may also be result of vitamin A and zinc deficiency. Other causes are diabetes and too much sunlight exposure.

·        Symptoms:A person with a poor night vision or night blindness has difficulty seeing at night and it takes so much longer for the eyes to adjust in the dark.

·        Treatment:Night blindness can be treated by adding Vitamin A and Zinc in your diet.

Our eyes are plays a very important role in our daily activities. We are at risk of different eyesight problems that can occur because of different circumstances and at various stages in life. Knowing the different eyesight problems will help us in preventing its occurrence.

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