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Herbs For Cellulite – Most Effective Herbs That Fight Cellulite


Are they any effective herbs for cellulite? More and more people are turning to herbs for quick fixes nowadays. This was not the case previously. In fact, mainstream medical society is generally suspicious of the effectiveness of certain herbal medicines for cellulite removal. People who need quick fix against cellulite, considering its ugly orange peel look, used to turn away from herbal medicines because of lengthy treatment period.

Desirous of taking away those notorious textures on their skin, they opt for the mainstream medicine, such as ionithermie detox cellulite removal, laser treatment and anti-cellulite massage. These conventional medicines promise to fix the problem on a shorter period.

Recent clinical studies have shown that a lot of compounds abound in natural sources, like commonly grown plants, which help prevent cellulite growth. Briefly, cellulite is a condition under the layer of the skin characterized by that orange peel look on our skin surface. The fatty cells and the connective tissues holding them together begin to lose their elasticity.

Subsequent accumulation of more fatty cells pushes those outwards, which cause that mattress appearance. Whether we like it or not, women are more prone to cellulite than men. This is largely explained by the natural structure of their fatty cells and their connective tissues.

There are other known factors that contribute to cellulite growth. Among them are poor blood circulation, including those within the very small capillaries, accumulation of toxins due to not fully functioning lymphatic system and fluid retention underneath your skin. Find out why these plants hold the promise of helping you prevent and eradicate cellulite without costing you a lot.

Here are some useful herbs for cellulite treatment.

Indian Chestnut, also know as Horse-Chestnut or Conker Tree, is a large deciduous tree grown in temperate areas. It contains saponin aescin which is widely used in treating varicose veins, edema, sprains and cellulite. Saponins belong to a specific group of chemical compounds, specifically the secondary metabolites. Aescin, when mixed with saponin, significantly fights inflammation in veins and tissues. It is known to exhibit vasoconstrictor and vascoprotective properties.

Ginkgo Biloba, also known as Maidenhair Tree, is widely grown in Zhejiang province in Eastern China. It was initially thought to be extinct, but is now cultivated in other parts of Asia. Ginkgo’s extract contains substances that greatly help improve our blood flow in tissues and organs, including microcirculation in our capillaries. They also help us protect against oxidative cell damage caused by free radicals. Specifically, Ginkgo contains flavonoid glycosides and terpenoids.

Buckwheat is a pseudocereal that is no way related to wheat and other cereals. Buckwheat is a rich source of rutin, a citrus flavonoid glycoside. Rutin helps strenghthen the walls of the capillaries, thereby promoting good blood flow. It also reduces hemorrhaging among people with hypertension.

Gotu Kola is an herb that is cultivated annually. It is most commonly found in Sri Lanka, northern Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Melanesia, New Guinea and other parts of Asia. It is known by other local names, such as Pennywort, Antanan and Pegaga, among others. Extracts of gotu kola contain compounds that help us grow type I collagen after scarring occurred in our wounds. They also significantly reduce inflammation and are a good source of anti-oxidants. They aid venous insufficiency and the general excellent health of our cells.

Many other herbs and natural substances that help fight cellulite are grapeseed oil, kelp, green tea, dandelion, sweet clover, seaweed, evening primerose oil, lemon, ivy barley, strawberry and algae, among others.

The various herbal medicines we are going to evaluate here contain compounds that help improve those conditions earlier described. For initial stages of cellulite, herbal medicines work best when combined with good physical regimen and healthy diet. Lifestyle changes should be undertaken, such as drastic reduction of stress and avoidance of smoking, since herbal medicine cannot stand alone in our fight against cellulite. As a matter of fact, there are quite a number of cellulite creams that uses advanced herbs for cellulite. Using these creams can also help you to thin out and blast off those cellulite on your body.

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