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Best Foods to Eat While You Are Pregnant


No matter how healthy your diet may be, you might have to change it a little while you are pregnant. Some foods you may want to eliminate altogether, while others, you will want to increase in your daily menu. In our modern research, we try to figure out more about health, food, and nutrition during pregnancy. In order to do this, we need to learn more about the very foods that we eat and how they affect our bodies.

For example, you might ask what impact vegetarian diets, red meats, strong cheeses, organic foods or others may have on how your baby grows during the nine months of pregnancy.

Foods You Want to Eat

During your first trimester, foods that have a lot of protein, are the best foods that you can choose to eat. By consuming more protein you will be giving your baby the main building block of all cells. Protein is especially critical, since your tiny unborn child develops their major organs in these 3 months.


Any vegetarian diet should be filled with foods that contain protein for cellular growth and development. You may be surprised at the variety of vegetarian protein that is really available. Beans with rice very high in protein and come a colorful variety.

Meat Eaters

For non-vegetarians, turkey, beef, tuna, and finally chicken have a high level of protein per ounce ranked from most to least. If you are on a vegetarian diet, beans and rice are excellent protein sources when combined. If money is tight, two eggs or peanut butter are other options.

For a fast, handy snack, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, can have protein by grabbing a small handful of natural almonds with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Almonds are packed with vitamins and minerals that help you ensure that your baby gets exactly what nutrition it needs the most.

Organic Foods

Organic foods also need to be carefully selected, since they may be prone to have more natural residues. However, if they are grown locally, these foods may be better for your body since it is more used to the immediate environment. Be sure to check where and how they are grown, such as being a hybrid of two or more strains of foods.

Foods You Want to Avoid

There are certain types of fish and cheese, that may actually be bad to eat while pregnant. These are foods that you may want to check out, before heading to your favorite seafood restaurant or fixing yourself a sandwich. Check with your medical provider before munching on raw sushi, oyster, muscles, octopus, and similar raw fish.


In addition, some strong cheeses may carry bacteria that could hurt your baby. Blue cheese, feta, wine cheese, Manchego sheep milk cheese, and others that have a potent aroma often require getting used to for adults, let alone a tiny fetus. You will most likely want to take these foods off your menu, at least while you are pregnant.


Foods high in sugar take your body on an energy roller coaster, stressing both you and your unborn child. Pregnancy takes an enormous amount of energy already and may suffer by extreme energy swings. If you must have something sweet, try foods such as applesauce, grapes, or other raw fruit. Use spices to add flavor to fruit to make it have more taste. Do avoid honey as it has a bacteria that can hurt small children.

Healthy Food Makes A Long Term Difference

Through all stages of your life, eating the proper foods makes a difference to your overall health. But, during pregnancy it is absolutely critical to the normal growth of your baby. Making a list of the right and wrong foods to eat can help you and your baby stay on a nutritious track.

By making a careful selection for your menu, you help to ensure not just a safe nine months of pregnancy, but a safe start so your baby can grow those first teeth and strong legs to walk on.

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