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How to Choose Art for Bathroom Walls – Framed Art Prints Add Color and Beauty to Bathroom Decor


Framed Art Prints Add Color & Beauty

Decorating your bathroom? Great idea. Extend your home’s lovely décor with a beautiful bathroom. Select the color or design for your walls. Then carry that color scheme through to your shower curtain and towels. But the finishing touch, the addition that will make your bathroom a showpiece, should be framed art prints!

Yes, Art Has a Place in the Bathroom

If your bathroom has walls, (which, of course, it does), then it has room for artwork. Even though the spaces might be small, you can still find art for bathroom areas that will fit and also complement your bathroom décor.

Art prints are extremely affordable, and they can be custom framed to taste. You’ll discover it’s easy to choose pictures that coordinate with the color, look and size of your bathroom.

Start by measuring the space you plan to fill. Get some basic dimensions. Determine whether you should look for pictures that are square or have a horizontal or vertical orientation.

If you have a blank wall with plenty of space, you probably don’t want to use a single big picture as you might in a dining room or living room. The difference is that in a bathroom you won’t have sufficient room to stand back and admire it. You’re better off with a collection of two or three small pictures, and it’s best if they have some connection to each other, such as having been painted by the same artist or with the same color scheme.

Themes for Bathroom Art

Wondering what type of picture is appropriate for this most personal room? You’d be surprised how many themes exist in art for bathrooms. Probably the most common subject depicted is bathtubs. Old-fashioned clawfoot tubs have long been an artist favorite. Big ones, little ones, simple ones and ornate. You’ll also find modern tubs, filled to the brim with bubbles or surrounded by expensive shampoos and bath salts in pretty little bottles.

Beach images have long been a popular subject for bathroom art, especially for decorating a guest bathroom or the bathroom in a beach house. Pictures of sunrises and sunsets, colorful beach umbrellas and children playing in the sand exist in every variation.

You’ll also find art prints of all types of seashells. In some, the shells are lying in the sand. In others they’re placed on a table or collected in a pretty glass jar. But shells aren’t the only sea artifact. Plenty of artists are enamored with sea creatures like starfish, sea urchins and sea horses.

Decorating a child’s bathroom? You’ll have plenty of art prints to consider. Picture a toddler boy in the tub playing with a toy sailboat. How about a little girl, lining up a family of rubber ducks single file? You can even find pictures of a small baby, hair all wet, eyes wide as mom lovingly wraps her up in a thirsty towel.

Word art works too in art for bathroom walls. Picture the word “Relax” or “Powder Room” scribbled lazily across a canvas. Or how about a playful scrawl of “Rub a Dub Dub” for a child’s bathroom? Or “Splish, Splash, I Was Taking a Bath” in big, fun letters. Then there’s this profound saying, “Soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul.” Can’t argue with that!

Your Bathroom Art Print Needs a Mat and Frame

After you’ve decided on an art print, start thinking about a mat and frame. They’re a necessity in the bathroom where water and steam can leave their mark. They’ll protect your print and also help your print look like expensive finished artwork.

If you want one mat, choose a neutral color such as cream or white. A second mat, of which only about ½” inch would show, will add depth and elegance. Use it to highlight a color that is found within the print.

Finally, you’ll want to consider different frames. Choose from woods, metals or plastics. Try to match the style of the print. Thus a print of an old-fashioned clawfoot tub should probably be displayed in an ornate frame. A picture of a child’s toy sailboat in the tub would work well in a simple frame that’s a primary color.

The best way to decide on the mat and frame is simply to try them on as if they’re an outfit of clothing. You’ll be able to see which combination looks right and creates the image you had in mind for your finished artwork.

Choosing Art for Bathrooms Should Be Fun

Determining what framed artwork will look right in your bathroom shouldn’t be a chore. It’s a fun task that should spark your creativity.

Make your decorating decisions with confidence. And don’t hesitate to let your personality shine through. It’s your art, your bathroom. If it looks good to you, then pat yourself on the back; you’ve done a great job!

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