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The Pros and Cons of Lasik


Blurry vision has you scrambling to see the world, but you’re hesitant about corrective surgery. Should you go under the knife to correct your vision with Lasik or should you try to manage your vision with glasses? It’s a tough decision for many to make, because there are both pros and cons to Lasik eye surgery.

The Pros of Lasik

Some patients who have had Lasik sing the surgery’s praises. Patients appreciate the independence it gives them to be able see without glasses or contacts. On average, most patients who undergo Lasik eye surgery see about 90% improvement in their vision. Because of the procedure’s rapid recovery time, it is often possible to have both eyes operated on the same day, which can save patients a second trip to the ophthalmologist. Having the procedure completed on both eyes at the same time can also save people precious time and limit the amount of time they spend away from work and normal daily activities.

The Cons of Lasik

On the downside, there can be complications due to improper procedure performance. Some patients have adverse effects, such as double vision or a worsening of their poor vision due to improper technique. It is even possible to lose your vision entirely due to surgery gone wrong. If the procedure is not performed correctly, patients can experience worse eye conditions which may force them to have corrective surgery for their corrective surgery, while many opt to forgo a second procedure and endure the worsening vision with corrective eyeglasses.

Lasik works well for near-sighted patients, but for patients with far-sighted vision, that is not always the case. Patients with far-sighted vision often experience adverse reactions to the surgery, and can have their eyesight worsen over time due to the procedure.

Another side of the argument is that some people simply prefer to wear glasses. Glasses are very stylish right now, and some people feel that they actually look more attractive with glasses than without. Depending on the type of lenses in your glasses, they may offer benefits besides vision correction which Lasik would be unable to provide, such as protection from UV rays.

What Should You Consider?

The bottom line is that you must do your research. If you have blurred vision that requires correction, research Lasik and local ophthalmologists to advise you as to whether the procedure is right for you. Do your homework and be diligent about it. Take all the right measures to ensure that you find a doctor with a solid background and reputation. Make sure your ophthalmologist has performed a thorough eye exam on you before discussing the procedure.

A complete eye exam will help determine if you are an appropriate candidate for Lasik. From there, discuss your concerns with your doctor and with them, decide if Lasik is the best solution for you. Discuss the negative side of the surgery and your concerns with your doctor before proceeding with Lasik. There is no need to rush into a decision, especially when you consider how fashionable and comfortable glasses are these days.

Source by Dr. Grace Kim

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