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Sailing the Caribbean


The idea of sailing the Caribbean conjures up a thousand images of spending long, leisurely days in a tropical paradise, soaking up the sun, exploring coral reefs and caves, swimming with dolphins and visiting the many islands with their white sandy beaches. For some the thought of Caribbean sailing insights dreams of dining on delicious fruits, coconuts and seafood dishes or enjoying exotic cocktails, dancing into the night under glorious sunsets, or sleeping under the stars.

Well… it’s all true! When you sail the Caribbean you sail in style, no matter how you go about it.

It is wise to plan your first trip with a good yacht charter company who are well organized and experienced in Caribbean sailing. They provide a personal service, helping you to work out your itinerary and make the most of your stay. You may want to deal directly with boat owners, and there are many to choose from, or stay on land for some of the time, whatever your preferences there is something for everyone.

If you want to sail the Caribbean on a non-crewed charter there are options available for various levels of sailing experience. You may only need to have a hired skipper for some of the time or you can hire a fully crewed charter with skipper and chef who will look after everything and leave you to enjoy the time of your lives. Sourcing food and provisions may be difficult in the more remote areas so it is advantageous to use the services provided by your charter company.

One of the best things about sailing the Caribbean is the variety of vessels available to hire – from small cruise ships, motor yachts and catamarans that have luxury cabins and all modern amenities to large and small boats that may provide a simpler but nevertheless more personal service. Having no time limit and the freedom to explore the coral reefs, lagoons or palm fringed islands at your leisure can provide a more favorable experience when compared to some of the larger organized trips.

For those with an interest in all things old and historic, Caribbean sailing offers the romance and adventure of treasure trails and tales of pirates on the Spanish Main. Diving or snorkeling on reefs, coral caves and ancient wrecks is also a popular pastime. Spend days out at sea on your own private charter boat or enjoy a more sociable encounter as part of a group.

Sail Caribbean style and enjoy one of the most memorable vacations of a lifetime, in the most beautiful tropical paradise on Earth.

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