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Over-Consumption – The Problem With Over-Consumption


Over-consumption is defined as the unsustainable use of the planet’s resources. Over-consumption is nourished by population growth and by the mentality of “keeping up with the Joneses”. This mentality requires buying a constant stream of bigger, newer and better products which cause strains on our natural resources.

Today, water supplies are dwindling because of rapid population growth, especially in the developing world. This is because of the way people consume water in developed countries. It is essential for people to reduce the amount of water they use every day to ensure that enough of this resource remains. This is not only to support for people living on the planet but for all its ecosystems too. Let’s not forget that these ecosystems are at the heart of the world’s agricultural production.

Another problem with over-consumption is urban development. It can reduce wildlife and their ability to migrate to seasonal feeding grounds. Also, pesticide spraying on crops can run off in our water ways that can kill or harm fish. Even if wildlife is not directly involved in food production, such as insects or large mammals like a elephant, they all play a major role in the health and regeneration of the environment.

By removing just one species can have a negative effect on the entire ecosystem. For instance, when wolves are removed from an ecosystem or when deer hunting is banned, the populations of deer increase well beyond the numbers that the local vegetation can support. This leads to starving deer or deer that has to move to new areas in search of food.

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