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Home Remedies For Stuttering


Even though there are many types of treatment for stuttering, you may also wish to look into things you can do for yourself. There are a number of techniques you can use at home that may help you stop stuttering. Listed below are a few things you can try.

Many times, those who stutter have a tendency to tense up back, shoulder and facial muscles right before they start talking. Become conscious of areas of tension, and work to relax them before you start speaking. These are known as competing behaviors, and are a very effective technique to help you stop stuttering.

Another thing you can do is record your stuttering. By paying attention to times and situations at which stuttering is worse, you may be able to start narrowing down some of the triggers to your stutter. If for instance, you notice that you often stutter on the phone, you can work on developing a competing behavior that will help you nip it in the bud.

Another technique you can try is to practice pausing. Many stutterers are simply trying to talk much too quickly. Work on pausing a second or two before you start speaking. When engaged in conversation, it’s not necessary to respond to the other person instantly. Take a breath, count to two, and then reply. Just slowing down a little may be all it takes for you to stop stuttering.

Stutterers have a tendency to take short, rapid breaths. You may be able to stop stuttering by deeply and naturally, through the mouth, filling your lungs, and then letting the air back out slowly. Do this several times daily, and once you’re comfortable, start incorporating it into your speech, letting the words come out slowly with each breath.

The above techniques are easy to do at home. It’s very possible that diligent practice will eventually help you stop stuttering.

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