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Using a Food Dehydrator – Do’s and Don’ts

Do slice food into 1/4 inch slices or strips prior to placing them in the food dehydrator. This will ensure that the maximum amount of food surface is exposed to the dehydrator’s heat and air flows. Do spread the slices as evenly and thoroughly as possible on the dehydrator sheets. Again this will help make the dehydrating process as complete ...

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Chilly – The Pep Up Spice

Chili is amongst the most world widely used spice. It is native to Central and South America and was brought to Asia and Europe by the Spanish and Portuguese explorers. Chili finds extensive use to flavor food and is endowed with unique medicinal and health benefit features. Chili pods are actually the berry fruits of the plants belonging to the ...

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Foods that May Induce the Symptoms of Gout

Gout is a type of rheumatoid arthritis caused when purines found in foods that cause gout are broken down by the body into uric acid. This chemical is not harmful itself, and is usually filtered by the kidneys, but consumption of high amounts of foods that cause gout can cause elevated levels of uric acid, a condition called hyperuricemia. When ...

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UK Sunday Roast Recipe

A ritual that dates back to the industrial revolution, the Sunday roast is one of the United Kingdom’s most storied and delicious of traditions. Consisting of a joint of roasted meat, roasted vegetables, and Yorkshire pudding, the Sunday roast is practice observed by almost every household in Britain and Ireland. It is believed by many that this tradition began because ...

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Super Green Food Recipes

Smoothies are no longer crunchy granola hippie food. They are in sidewalk cafes and are being sold at the grocery store in 6 packs. But smoothies are easy to make at home and can be even more nutritious when you make them yourself. One of the best reasons to start drinking smoothies is if you are prone to skipping breakfast. ...

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Foods That Cause Gout and Foods That Are Beneficial

Foods that cause gout are usually high in purine, a compound found in food that the body breaks down into uric acid. When your body is unable to get rid of the uric acid, it builds up and starts to crystallize, resulting in painful gout symptoms. That’s why it’s important to eat low-purine foods if you suffer from gout. Foods ...

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Food and Drink to Burn the Fat

When we think about losing weight through our diet, we tend to focus on eating less food. Yes, consuming fewer calories will definitely help you to lose weight. But when your goal is to burn pounds and fat, keep in mind that along with exercising, certain foods and drinks will help you to burn weight and fat faster. Here are ...

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