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Best Protein Shakes For Building Muscle


What are some of the best protein shakes in the marketplace that will help you build muscles quickly? Here are some recommendations.

GNC protein shakes.

GNC provides high quality whey protein shakes at reasonable prices. Consumers know this brand very well, and the products can be purchased at one of their outlets. They have well trained and dedicated staff who will help you with choosing the right product.

EAS Lite.

This product is ideal for ladies. The most popular flavor is vanilla. Each serving comes with 20 grams of protein. It comes in pre-made packets, so you don’t have to spend time preparing the shakes. Simply grab one before you head off for work.

Genisoy Soy Protein.

If you don’t enjoy taking whey protein (some complain of a chalky taste), then you can consider buying Genisoy soy shakes. Consumers have given rave reviews to this product. Soy, when mixed with chocolate, can taste really good.

Remember, the best time to take the shakes is:

* First thing in the morning when you wake up.

* Right after your workout.

* Before you go to bed.

If it’s a non-workout day, you can drink just 2 shakes for the day. The idea here is to ensure that your body gets a constant supply of proteins throughout the day so that it can grow and repair.

Protein shakes will provide BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) that can be used immediately by the body. You will be able to get casein protein from your daily diet (e.g. chicken breast). Such protein takes a longer time to be absorbed into the body. But it’s still beneficial because the proteins tend to get distributed to the muscles throughout the day.

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