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Yes, You Can Get a Scalp Yeast Infection and it is Treatable


It seems that yeast can appear anywhere on your body. If you have been a victim of yeast infections of the genital area, then don’t seem so surprised if you derive a scalp yeast infection, too. It can happen. You have been told that yeast infections occur because the area is damp and is an environment for producing more yeast. Well, you are right, but there are conditions that allow for yeast infections to appear on the scalp as well.

Identifying the scalp yeast infection is the first step in clearing it up. After you identify it, you can find out how you got it. After that, find out the best treatment and finally learn how to prevent it from showing up again. Sounds simple enough. Right?

Identifying is best done by a doctor. He or she can look at it, take a skin sample and ask you a dozen questions about the hair products you use. Yes, the hair products you are using can be the cause of the itchy, red, rash-like condition you have on your head. Many times it will all boil down to the hair care products you are using. Many hair care products contain ingredients that don’t work well with your skin. Your skin then rebels and the scratching and itching that you do will generally lead to a scalp yeast infection.

The doctor will most likely recommend changing hair care products. He or she many even give you a prescription for some cream to apply to your head for a few days until the infection clears up. Sometimes these creams work, sometimes the infection comes back even worse than before. In this case, you may want to try some homeopathic methods. Tea tree oil is a good lubricant that you can put on your head. It will relieve the itchy and burning feeling, thus keeping you from wanting to scratch and allowing the irritation to repair itself and go away. Another method to ridding yourself of the uncomfortable situation is eliminate the use of harsh or skin irritating shampoos that contain ingredients such as Sodium Laureth Sulphate. It tends to be an irritant to many types of skin. Using oils like lavender, Eucalyptus and chamomile can help relieve the itchiness while the infection heals. Regardless of the treatment you try. It is possible to have a scalp yeast infection, and it is possible to alleviate it as well.

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