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Ultimate Superfoods List


In this article I’m going to share with you my ultimate superfoods list that will help build immune system strength in your body. I highly recommend against eating a bunch of acai berries because even though they’re a pretty good antioxidant they’re in no way as beneficial as the marketers are claiming. But there are some superfoods out there that will help improve your overall health as well as your immune system so you can better function and fight against diseases. This goes for bad foods as well and anything you put in your body will have an effect whether it’s going to be good for you or bad for you.

When you’re looking for ultimate superfoods I really look for ones that are high in lean protein. Protein will provide the body with many of the nutrients needed to fight viruses and other diseases and if you’re lacking protein than it’s going to be hard to fight off the flu that’s going around. One of my favorite top foods on my superfoods list is turkey and the reason I put it near the top of the list is because it’s loaded with amino acids that will help build your immune system. The reason I chose turkey is because it’s a lean protein and also because it has the right amino acids to specifically build a strong immune system.

Also I’d look to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables and add them to your superfoods list. It’s surprisingly difficult for people to increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables but a lot easier to eat more protein sources. This is probably because they don’t taste nearly as good but the high amount of quality nutrients is going to be well worth it. If it’s too difficult to fully consume the required amount of fruits and vegetables I highly recommend drinking more juice. I’d invest in a juicing machine that will do the whole process for you and instead of eating a bunch of fruits you can instead drink the juice a whole lot faster and easier.

Just by increasing your consumption of proteins, fruits and vegetables you can dramatically increase the health and immune system in the body. Also you have to not eat junk foods because as healthy foods will fight disease the unhealthy foods will also cause you to get sick. This combination of these ultimate superfoods list will dramatically help fight against viruses and bacteria and as you build immune system strength you’ll be living a healthier and happier life.

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