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The Family Unit – The Effects of the World Today


“Families are the basic building blocks of humanity. The family unit is still a family unit whether its members are twelve or two. Family unity is developed and displayed in a variety of ways and in many different settings, meaning family unity is a family being together in happy and peaceful. Today, families are under constant stress, being pushed and pulled from many directions, often without the support systems of extended families that may have existed in the past.


Unity is a modern day family play that blends drama and comedy that depicts real life family issues and the significance of spiritual values. This so called unity is an essential strength of healthy families, particularly in times of crises and tragedies. The faith community in particular is very distressed that families are separated due to our inequitable immigration policies. Family unity should be a whole world value. To help ensure that families are not separated is the most economically viable solution. As the fundamental unit of society, the family is entitled to respect, protection, assistance, and support.


Family unity is important, but if a member or members are illegal or undocumented, they may need to suffer the consequences. Family unity can also have a more specific meaning relating to constraints on state discretion to separate an existing intact family through the expulsion of one of its members. In contrast, family reunification, or reunion, refers to the efforts of family members already separated by forced or voluntary migration to regroup in a country other than their country of origin, and so implicates state discretion over admission. Cross-border family unity issues arise most frequently when a host state either moves to deport a non-citizen family member, or denies entry to an individual seeking to join family members already residing in the state.

The harsh reality of this is…That the immigration status of the various family members has an impact on how the right to family unity should be implemented. Family unity in the refugee context means granting refugee or a similar secure status to family members accompanying a recognized refugee. The country of asylum must likewise provide for family reunification, at least of close family members, since the refugee cannot by definition return to the country of origin to enjoy reunification there.


Working families feel anxious about their future because they can distinguish between the economic realities they are facing and the economic myths our President is trying to sell them. In today’s world the family unit is dissolving rapidly sometimes due to both parents working and a parent working shift work; so smart parents make the time to do activities together as a family. The hard-working, responsible cousins, uncles and half-sisters who raised my grandparents and helped raise other family members would have been strangers to us.

Children from working poor families were compared with those from nonworking poor families earning less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level, or $35,300 for a family of four. Some researchers found that children in working poor families were more likely to be Latino, undocumented and to reside in rural areas. However, on a wider scale, millions of people are working part-time for economic reasons because they cannot find the full-time jobs they want.

My Final Thoughts:

“If family unity is to be a priority, there must be sacrifice and commitment! The family unit is critical to the development and success of our young people.” A family is kind of a organic unit; when one part of it dies, the entire infrastructure teeters and can, or could collapse. Families are ever changing in today’s society, and these families are what you make them and the ultimate connecting factor is love. The extended family unity is slowly fading away, leaving thousands of children homeless and having to fend for themselves. The anxiety that working families feel is borne out by a realistic assessment of the economic situation and by a realization that policymakers have done little to help them. In the real world, families are not always a haven, since they, too, can be filled with conflict.

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