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What Is the Best Protein to Eat for Muscle and Weight Gain?


Protein is the big daddy when it comes to building muscle mass. It is the only vital food you must eat in order to gain muscle weight. The problem is knowing which foods are the best sources of protein. Many foods contain protein some more than others, some better quality than others. This article will explain the best sources of protein to eat for the most muscle mass gains.

Eat foods that contain complete sources of protein

Complete sources of protein means that the food contains all of the 8 essential amino acids. The amino acids are what make up protein and are the building blocks for muscle.

Making sure all the protein sources you eat contain complete sources of protein means that your muscle will have all the amino acids and building blocks they will need to full recover and grow. If you don’t provide complete proteins your body can combine the amino acids of other foods you eat, but you have to make sure you get all 8. So it is always best to eat only protein that will give your body all the protein is need to grow, so it doesn’t have to wait for complete sources.

Foods that contain complete sources or protein and are therefore the best sources of protein are red meat, eggs, poultry, fish, whey and dairy. All of these are great to eat for building muscle mass.

The two best sources of protein for insane muscle growth

There are two protein sources that are superior to the rest these are beef and eggs. The combined effect of the two of these will put your body into an anabolic muscle building environment.

The beef contains very similar proteins to that of human muscle tissue, meaning it can be digested and synthesised into muscle mass very quickly and efficiently. Beef contains very high amounts of quality protein and also healthy saturated fats. The fats will help to elevate your testosterone levels.

Eggs are one of the highest sources of quality protein. Eat them cooked or raw. The yolk contains healthy fats and cholesterol. Testosterone is derived from cholesterol. Eating around 4 eggs will greatly boost your testosterone levels. Great times to eat eggs are in the morning, after a workout and before bed.

Eat a good combination of these proteins, with healthy fats and fruits and vegetables to see the best muscle gains. Combine this diet with an intense weight training program to see very fast muscle growth.

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