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Natural Candida Albicans Treatment For Men


Natural Candida albicans treatment can be in the form of herbal medicine, topical cures made from natural ingredients or simple proper daily habits. For men, there are a number of factors that can make them susceptible to yeast infection or can aggravate an already existing Candidiasis.

In here, we discuss some Candida albicans treatment that makes use of natural ingredients and some daily habits that men can follow to save themselves from yeast infection.

Natural yeast infection cures

Men who suffer from Candida infection can look to herbs and natural ingredients to find their remedy. One natural Candida albicans treatment that can be used by men is tea tree oil which can be applied directly to the affected area. For men who suffer from penile Candidiasis, itching and soreness of the penis head and the foreskin area is very common.

To deal with the discomfort caused by the infection, some men dab garlic on the sore areas. Most of them attest to the efficacy of garlic in curing Candidiasis. Lemon juice mixed with water and used as penile wash is also said to be an effective cure. Other natural cures favored by men are boric acid, gentian violet and yogurt.

Preventing yeast infection

Men can become susceptible to Candida infection if they are immunocompromised. Those who are HIV-positive, diabetic or have cancer are more likely to acquire the infection due to a weakened immune system. Men who do not have immunity-compromising conditions can still suffer from the infection by simply living an unhealthy life.

To avoid getting infected, men should follow a healthy diet. Foods rich in fiber are good, while those with too much sugar are bad. Eating a single serving of yogurt everyday can greatly help. In terms of personal hygiene, soaps with strong scents and ingredients should be avoided. Taking antibiotics can also contribute to infection susceptibility since these medications can weaken the immune system. Too much alcohol has also been identified as a culprit when it comes to yeast infection. Most of all, men should avoid having unprotected sex. Despite the absence of symptoms in some men, getting tested should be a must if their partners have already been diagnosed with yeast infection.

Candida albicans treatment is not all about herbal cures; it should also be about prevention through healthy daily habits and proper personal hygiene. Men might not suffer from yeast infection as often as women, but they are not immune to this condition and must address it early on.

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