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Weight Loss For Women Over 60 – Bob Greene’s Weight Loss Plan For 60 Plus Women Revealed!


Bob Greene has been Oprah’s personal trainer for years now. He has had a long experience in the field of health & fitness. Also he is known for the fact that his weight loss tips are not very rigid and hard to follow. They easily get merged in your daily routine and help you get that dream body.

Here are some tips from Bob Greene for weight loss for women over 60:

· Initially one must understand that weight loss for women over 60 must be slow & steady, not a rapid one. It is a vulnerable age that puts you to risk of many ailments including chronic ones like cardio vascular and diabetes.

· This also implies that one should not take any chemical diet supplements as they have innumerable side effects.

· Now first they should do is to get done a complete medical check up. Some times the weight gain is due to certain diseases, so you must be aware of those & use any weight loss diet accordingly.

· Next, take a balanced diet. Take 6 short meals well on time and do not avoid them. Take lots of fibers, proteins & vitamins. Avoid trans-fat and excess of carbohydrates. Avoid proteins after the afternoon meals.

· Drink lots of water, at least 10 glasses per day.

· For women over 60, weight loss can become easier with natural diet supplements like acai berry and resveratrol. Both these diets are also known for their anti aging benefits.

· Take lots of raw fruits & vegetables in your daily routine. Avoid red meat and in place of them have lean proteins.

· Majorly avoid sugar. In stead use honey & apples. For flavoring the food in place of spices use cayenne pepper, lemon, honey and low sodium salt.

· Do not smoke. Avoid alcohol. You may take some sips of red wine, as it has rich reserves of resveratrol. But it also shoots up the blood sugar levels. So its better to avoid that as well.

· For their over all fitness & weight loss the women over 60 must also go for a walk every morning and before they sleep in the night.

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