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Top 5 Raw Organic Super Foods For the Health Buff


Raw food diet never got my needed attention before but that has forever changed. Super foods have changed that. So in acknowledging that change I present my personal list of my top five raw organic superfoods.

Starting at number five, the superfood that give us gold. It is no other than Colloidal Gold. This one is made of 99.995 pure gold that has been suspended in pure distilled revitalized water. It is the gold that has been recognized as a super-nutrient important for its broad spectrum support for a healthy high-performance body, mind and mood.

As a supplement, Colloidal Gold’s benefits are that it can give a sense of energized yet calm Zen like awareness, mood support in time of winter blues, support in relief of cravings and addiction and then give us a deeper rejuvenating sleep with greater dream recall.

At number four, get ready to feel the heat with Island Fire.This is a modern-day tonic elixir. A modern-day tonic elixir that give the body detoxification, rejuvenation, superior energy, good mood and marvelous health.

Island Fire is combination of some of the planets powerful ingredients. Behold, these are its ingredients. It has Ho Shu Wu, Ginko Biloba, Ashwaganda, Gotu Kola, Indian Tulsi and Morenga Olifera. Feel the heat with Island Fire.

At the blue-green corner and taking our number three spot is Blue-green algae. Blue-green algae is a a concentrated source of chlorophyll, a protein powerhouse, and help remove heavy metals and other environmental pollutants from our bodies. Blue-green algae helps the body by giving a healthy immune, brain and nervous system, balanced metabolism, increase energy, stamina and mental clarity and stress tolerance.

Blue-green algae also has phyto-nutrients, rare trace elements, biological active enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, B12, chlorophyll, complex sugars, phenylethylamine, glycol-proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Get ready to kneel and sing your praises for taking our number two spot is Sacred Chocolate. Sacred chocolate is pure whole bean chocolate bar that has cacao contents of 70%, 80%, 90%, 99% and 100% cacao. For known nutritionist David Wolfe, Sacred chocolate is the best chocolate bar ever. Sacred chocolate it is the earth’s finest chocolate.

And my number one, drum roll please is no other than ImmuneDetox.

Why ImmuneDetox? Because Immunedetox is made up of micronized zeolite and fulvic acid that has over 72 ocean and plant based trace minerals. It is specially formulated to be a rich dietary supplement to remove heavy metals, toxins and drug residues out of our cells. ImmuneDetox can also maintain a healthy strong immune system, increase cellular oxygen levels, boost cellular energy production, improve physical performance, improve mental clarity and mood.

Well, that is just about it. If you don’t like my list, then why not make your own list. Anyway we have it, with superfood benefits like these we are all winners. Have a super day! Chow!

Source by Paul S Fitzgerald

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