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Tantric Yoga For Better Sex Health


Tantric yoga has a number of exercises that can result in better sexual health. It not only improves the connection between the body and the mind; it also makes for great orgasms for both the partners. This in turn stimulates the various glands in the body and brings about an inner peace.

The tantric yoga positions encourage the role of the mind in the sexual encounter. It believes that the most beautiful sexual experience can be got only when the ‘shakti’ or the true energy reaches every ‘chakra’ or part of our bodies.

It is a mistaken idea on our part to think about tantric yoga as a means of twisting and turning your body to get the best pleasures in sex. Tantric yoga and sex have more to do with what is happening to our mind during sex. That is why it includes a number of rituals which lead to sex and a very specific set of movements that lead to sexual fulfillment.

Tantric sex is all about the union of the male with the female that goes beyond a union of the bodies only. A lot of importance is provided to the embrace between the male and the female partners. Every position of the tantric sex ritual stresses on the embrace of the partners, so that more bonding and spiritual connections can be secured.

Basic practices of tantric yoga that are expected to improve your sexual health are the ‘kundalini’ postures. It also encourages the practice of meditation so that you gain greater control of your mind.

Tantric yoga also stresses on the man retaining his semen as far as possible so that the two partners can achieve divine union.

Tantric yoga positions help you to get a union between your body and your mind so that you can get a more fulfilled sex life!

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