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Natural Treatment For Cat Bladder Infection


Like people, cats can have urinary problems. The most common urinary problems that can beset them include bladder infection and urinary tract infections. Cat bladder infection can occur in cats at any age.

When cats are diagnosed to have bladder infections, the vet would usually prescribe antibiotics. Antibiotics are effective in treating the disease but aside from killing the harmful bacteria, they can also eliminate the beneficial ones. Furthermore, antibiotics only treat the symptoms of feline bladder infection; they do not address the root causes of the problem. Consequently, the cat may experience a recurrence of the infection after treatment.

Another downside to the use of antibiotics is that these medications can predispose the cat to bladder infections. For this reason, many cat owners have resorted to using alternative treatment in treating urinary problems in their cats.

There are certain alternative treatments for feline urinary problems such as bladder infections. These alternative treatments use the holistic approach of treating the problems in pets. One natural treatment for cat bladder infection that is rapidly rising in popularity nowadays is the homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies have shown great improvements in pets suffering from urinary tract problems. These natural treatments do not only treat the symptoms of the problem but eliminate the root causes as well. These natural remedies are also 100% safe and highly affordable. Moreover, these treatments do not contain properties that may bring about the occurrence of unpleasant and unwanted side effects and health complications as compared to medications.

To date, there are a variety of homeopathic remedies available in the market. The most commonly used homeopathic remedies are those that contain ingredients such as cantharis, uva ursi, berberis vulgaris, and staphysagris. Cantharis has properties that can help soothe the bladder. It helps maintain the healthy flow of urine. Uva ursi helps maintain the cat’s normal pH level. Berberis vulgaris, on the other hand, can have a restorative effect on the cat’s urinary tract and bladder. Meanwhile, staphysagris can provide symptomatic relief for a variety of feline urinary problems. When combined together in one formula, these homeopathic ingredients can help keep the cat’s overall health in top condition.

Another natural treatment that is effective in treating feline bladder infection is the use of herbal remedies. Like the homeopathic remedies, herbal remedies are safe and affordable. They can also eliminate the root cause of the urinary problems instead of just treating the symptoms.

Two of the most commonly used herbs in the treatment of urinary problems in cats are the barberry and the bearberry. These herbal remedies contain antiseptic and antibacterial properties that are very effective in treating feline urinary tract infections. They also have properties that can help reduce inflammation. Prolonged use of these herbal remedies can help strengthen the cat’s immune system.

If you are wary of giving your pet medications because of their side effects, you can choose to administer herbal remedies or homeopathic remedies to your cat for treating cat bladder infection. However, you may also want to consult the vet first before you give your cat any treatment. The vet’s advice is very important.

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