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The Best Herbs and Vitamins by Vitamin Agent for Male Sexual Enhancement


It seems like every day we are inundated with advertisements for male sexual enhancement drugs. We get them in our email inbox, see the ads on television, and hear the ads on the radio for the latest fad to “drive the ladies crazy” or some such euphemism. But what are the best herbs and vitamins that really can contribute to male sexual performance and enjoyment, without prescription drugs, the natural way?

Well, thankfully, this good earth has certainly blessed us with some great plants that have been found to address male sexual enhancement concerns. First, let’s talk fruit. Yes, I said fruit! There are two fruits that have natural components which help to relax the blood vessels enough to help blood pass through them more quickly and easily.

This is important to male reproductive organs because the penis relies on blood flow, and lots of it, to gain and maintain an erection. The two fruits I speak of which help facilitate easier, and more plentiful blood flow to the nether regions are watermelon and a specific extract that comes from the pomegranate fruit.

The natural chemical that is found in watermelon which enhances blood flow, and therefore may enhance libido, is called citrulline. The natural extract from pomegranate, a very sweet tropical fruit that many adore for it’s antioxidant packed juice and pulp, is called ellagic. This extract has the same vasodilating effects on the blood vessel’s smooth muscle, which allows blood to flow freely.

A substance called L-Arginine is also a popular addition to herbal and natural male enhancement supplements. L-Arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid which may not only interest those with sexual enhancement needs, but also body builders and fitness buffs. The reason? It produces something called nitric oxide when it breaks down.

Nitric oxide is essential to producing firm and long lasting erection, as it forces blood to fill the chambers located in the penis, and may improve lasting power of that blood as well. Nitric oxide is also excellent for those who want to build muscle because it allows muscle tears to repair more easily. This helps athletes and body builders get back to working out the next day without soreness, and may also help improve their stamina.

Horny goat weed is another therapeutic plant that is used in herbal and vitamin formulas for male enhancement, to help enhance not only male sexual performance, but also sex drive. It has the same vasodilation properties as some of the earlier mentioned natural remedies. This plant is aptly named, for it is one of the most commonly used herbs for male libido supplements.

Muira palma is an herb that is used as well, but this one’s main purpose and indication in the world of herbal remedies and plant based preparations is to boost the actual sex drive. One study showed that men who took muira palma experienced not only more sexual urges, but also harder erections. They also reported better, more satisfying sexual experiences.

Maca is another herb that helps to increase sex drive. This one may not only increase sex drive in men, but also may have an effect on the female sex drive as well. Maca is not only used in herbal preparations and supplements for male enhancement, but it is also considered somewhat of a health food.

Maca is actually a root, and it is rich in fiber, as well as several phytonutrients that have been touted to help balance the hormones naturally. It has been identified as a sexual function improvement remedy, as well as a bevy of other health benefits. These additional health benefits may include improved circulatory health, facilitator of muscle building, enhanced memory and focus, and improved stamina and energy.

As you can see, there are many naturally derived ingredients and compounds found in plants and natural resources that can help facilitate a better, more active and pleasurable sex life. And this is not even a complete list, there are many more plant and naturally based ingredients out there that are excellent additions to male enhancement supplements. It’s just a matter of finding one that works best for you.

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