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How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight – Take Control Of Your Life


Whether you are looking for a losing weight program to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, finding out how to get motivated to lose weight was the biggest challenge for me.  I spent years upon years going through the motions of telling myself, this is the year I am going to take control of my life and get healthy. Now although I was motivated enough to make women fat loss a goal of mine, it was extremely difficult to find the right losing weight program for my body type. I needed to find one that had a customized diet plan for healthy meal planning, a personal trainer available to show me how to get motivated to lose weight and a nutritionist to prepare healthy eating menus for me. Not only did I see instant results by just eating the right foods for my body type at the set times, the online and over the phone nutritionist helped me stay on track and was there to answer any questions that I had.

After only 6 weeks I had lost 55 lbs and no longer needed to search for ways on how to get motivated to lose weight.  It was not just the weight loss that changed my life, it was the friends I met at body by type from designer body makeover and the mindset of the new life I now have.  Looking back on the many years I searched for quick ways to loose weight with pills, shakes and surgeries, I found to shed pounds quickly only to gain the weight back even faster.  The most surprising result that I experienced was that once I started my body by type from designer body makeover customized diet plan, I instantly felt sharp with my mind and had the most energy I have ever experienced since I was a young kid.  Now I am 52 and not only did I drop 80 pounds, I received a promotion at my job, started having the best sex of my life and feel better about my life as a whole.

At first I thought the body type program was a little expensive, but after all the food coupons that I received, I think I saved more money than I had spent on the losing weight program.  On top of the coupons I used to follow the daily meal plans that were customized for my body type, the motivation and support from the nutritionists made the one-time price the best investment I have ever made.

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