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Stop Eating Fatty Foods and Start Eating Fat Burning Foods


In our day in age, most adults are overweight and the number of obese keeps growing. Why is this so? Many researchers attribute this to the processed foods we eat and the non physical lifestyle that is typical of our era.

How can we change this? Do we need to go on a strict diet? Or can we just substitute fat burning foods for fatty foods and forget about the diet? This will work if you are eating around 2,000 calories/day which is about the norm for an adult. If you are eating much more than this you have to cut back to the 2,000 calorie/day level before substituting fat burning foods for fatty ones.

A Big Mac, an order of fries, and a large sugary soft drink can exceed a thousand calories – which is half of your daily total. So this example can give you an estimate of how many calories you accumulate in a day. If you eat two or more Big Macs and something else later in the day, you can easily see how the new term fast food obesity has come about. The bottom line: if you eat a lot of this food seek out as much fast food nutritional information as you can find to know exactly what you are eating.

Fast foods tend to contain a lot of fats, sugars, and sodium which negatively affect blood cholesterol, encourage hardening of the arteries and type 2 diabetes. These foods tend to be loaded with saturated fats and trans fats which together are termed ‘bad fats’. Heart doctors would like to see no more than 10% of the daily calories coming from bad fats. The average American diet consists of 30% bad fats. No wonder we have so many people on medication to lower their cholesterol and insulin injections to control diabetes.

Processed foods may come loaded with bad fats. Become label savvy and read the Nutrition Facts labels carefully when purchasing these products.

Fat burning foods are the unprocessed, natural vegetables and fruits that you find in the produce and the frozen foods sections of a super market. Fresh vegetables and fruits have an abundance of heart-healthy nutrients that positively help our arteries and heart do their jobs. They supply roughage which promotes intestinal health.

In some cases the body has to use more calories to process these foods than it derives from them and a negative calorie balance evolves. This is desired because then you start to burn fat and lose weight.

Source by Tim Lazaro

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