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Good Nutrition and Illness – The Benefits of Eating Healthy Foods


There are many benefits of eating healthy foods. Most people think that eating healthy foods will help them lose weight, become leaner, lose body fat, and give them more energy. Yes, these things are all true. What most people do not realize is that there is a link between good nutrition and illness.

The benefits of eating healthy go far beyond getting a six-pack of abs! Eating healthy and providing your body with better nutritional needs helps yourself by building up your body’s immune system – it’s disease fighting mechanism. When your immune system is stronger you have less chance of becoming ill. A strong immune system is ready to combat any virus or bacteria that enters your body – helping you to stay healthy, longer!

If you don’t provide your body with good nutrition then just like your physical appearance, your immune system will suffer. It becomes weaker and can’t function the way that it should. You will be more prone to illness because of this. Poor nutrition will lead to an increased frequency of the number of times per year that you get sick. This is an inverse relationship between good nutrition and illness – the worse your nutrition is the more likely it is that you will get sick.

The heatlh benefits of good nutrition far outweigh poor nutrition in regards to staying healthy. You can’t expect your body to stay strong and function properly if all you ever feed it is junk food. Foods that are high in saturated fats, salt and processed flour. These foods interfere with the body’s ability to fight illness and stay healthy. They can make the body’s immune system weaker which leaves you prone to disease. When you are sick you cannot do the things that you need to do to lose weight, body fat and unwanted pounds.

So the benefits of eating healthy foods goes far beyond simply losing weight. The health benefits of good nutrition will provide you with a strong disease fighting mechanism so you can stay healthy longer and achieve the body image that is right for you.

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