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Cancer Treatment With Chinese Medicines


Cancer is a severe medical condition that could otherwise cause the patient’s body to suffer until it succumbs to the disease. If a person is suffering from cancer, the quest for total cure and recovery is long and tedious. And a lot of people don’t even get near that point.

There are a lot of biochemical drugs that are developed to attack cancer cells. But despite of the fact that these remedies work relatively well, their side effects can’t be ignored at all. Some drugs exhibit immediate side effects while others only develop them in the long run. Chemotherapy is one example of a biological treatment that is very effective. However, the patient would have to endure its side effects.

This is also the reason why a lot of patients are looking for alternative cures for cancer. For one thing, not all patients benefits from chemotherapy. While this method of treatment is readily available at hospitals, not everyone could afford a single session. And unfortunately for some, the side effects of chemotherapy damages their body further that subjecting themselves to it is not at all advisable.

This is where the use of Chinese herbs and treatment procedures come in. The quest to full recovery from cancer may be far and beyond. But it is possible to get there with the right supplements. The use of herbs and the Chinese alternative way of treatment could work in three ways. First, it could offset the damages of chemotherapy and radiation. Second, it could boost the patient’s immune system. And third, it could reduce the occurrence of tumors and cancer cells in the patient, allowing them to receive biochemical treatment less frequently.

Herbs and Chinese medicines are good supplements to the biochemical treatments developed by large pharmaceutical corporations today. While the alternative mode of healing works perfectly well, they can’t be considered as a standalone treatment for cancer. Chemotherapy is still the fastest way to kill cancer cells. And if you take herbal medicines while receiving chemotherapy, drastic improvement to your health can be expected.

Chinese Cure for Cancer With Acupuncture

For this disease too acupuncture comes in to the rescue, through the treatment, the points which cause most pain are approached and treated.

The large intestine or stomach might be focused on to relieve pain and similarly depending on the type of cancer,other points are treated.

Even though acupuncture is a slow process, it is known to create wonders.

Qi Gong for Cancer

Used to strengthen the human body’s immune system, this Chinese medicine helps fight fatigue, sense of nausea that comes with the tumor, and other side effects of chemotherapy or radiation.

Qi gong exercises helps the patients bear the pain and boosts their energy levels, letting their body fight the cancer cells.

Treat Cancer with Chinese Herbs

The Chinese herbs such as Huang Qi or Astralagus is used to increase the neutrophil level in the body to get through the chemotherapy sessions.

Apart from this ginger, and cardamom seeds are also given to help battle against nausea. And finally, Ji Xeung Teng to increase the white blood cells.

However, it is also not right to self-medicate. This means that cancer patients have to inform their doctors of the different treatment methods they are undergoing so that they can assess its effects to the body. That way, they can monitor their patient’s health better and more effectively. Also, the dosage and frequency of taking and receiving biochemical treatments could be adjusted accordingly.

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