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Protein Supplements – For A Healthy Body


Protein Supplements have always been very popular among sportsmen for obvious reasons. They have to be in the peak of their fitness and a balanced a healthy diet is not only a must, but it also has to have a lot more extra than then the regular diet of an average human. Protein is the most important building component of our body and it helps in building our tissues, fibers and muscles. Children should be encouraged to have a meal rich in protein and even young adults can chew on protein bars because they often tend to skip either lunch or dinner and the discrepancy in their diet has to be maintained. They can also be taken before of after a heavy exercise and it is one of the best ways of keeping your body fit and healthy.

Some of the well known protein supplements are:

Glutamine: This is the most commonly recommended supplement by the doctors because it is very easily digestible compared to the other supplements available in the market. It helps in replacing the amino acids found in the human muscles, which strains away very easily after an exercise, causing it to ache and cramp. Body builders consume it in large amounts so that they can work out for longer hours and lift heavier weights and can be consumed in moderate amounts in daily life for general energy of the muscles.

Some other form of protein supplements may be taken which are organic in nature, and as they are widely available and affordable, anyone can have them.

Whey Protein: Although this kind of supplement is easily available and is very good for the body, it is a little hard n digestion and older people, especially patients should be given this in only small amounts. Even children should have it diluted. Once rendered in a diluted and palatable form, it is very easily absorbed by the blood stream and as it is rich in all kinds of amino acids, especially cysteine, it help a lot in improving the immunity of the body.

Soy Protein and Hemp Seeds: For the Vegans, for whom it is not possible even to consume milk protein, this is indeed the most easily available kind of organic protein supplement. Soy bean, soy milk and other products made from soy have been known to be rich n protein, and supplements made from them are also rich in amino acid, fatty acids and especially, isoflavones, which most do not even know have a vital role to play in our body.

If you are not sure regarding the different types of protein supplements or the amount of intake, then you should consult your doctor. It can be healthy for your growing child and your over working husband.

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