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Herbal Anxiety Remedies – Effective and Safe


Everyone suffers with anxiety from time to time, but if you have constant or overwhelming anxiety then you may have an anxiety disorder. Therapy can successfully treat the cause of your anxiety and medication is usually prescribed to relieve the symptoms. However, herbal anxiety remedies are often a better choice than prescription drugs.

Anti-anxiety drugs prescribed by your doctor come with the potential of side effects, some of which can be very serious. Obviously, medication affects everyone differently so not everybody will experience these side effects. It’s up to you if you want to take that risk or use something that is effective as well as safe, like some of the herbal anxiety remedies.

Unlike the anti-anxiety medications prescribed by your doctor, you will not have to worry about drug tolerance, addiction or withdrawal problems. You also won’t have to be afraid that you will experience mania, rage, hallucinations or suicidal thoughts which are a possibility with some of the most commonly prescribed anxiety drugs. These natural herbal remedies contain no severe side effects and are safe and very effective when taken in the proper dosages.

These herbal anxiety remedies have many of the same medicinal properties as do prescription drugs. There are some herbs that work by calming your nerves and making you feel relaxed all over. Then there are others which can be used to calm restlessness and promote sleep. There are also herbs which, in addition to making you feel more relaxed, enhance your mood making you feel better and more content.

There are many different herbal anxiety remedies which work extremely well for others, so you will undoubtedly find something that works for you as well. You will find many herbal shops online and you probably will find some in your town as well. Never buy something you are putting into your body without knowing what it is and what impact it will have. Do some research first so that you know what dosage of which herbal supplement, you are taking.

If you don’t know what to take, don’t guess! You can talk to a Naturopathic Doctor, or an Herbalist, who will have a better understanding of which herbs will benefit you the most and prescribe the correct dosage. Just like prescription drugs, since everybody is different, herbs will not have the same effect on everyone. Therefore, you may have to try different combinations before finding the solution that is right for you.

Since herbal remedies are natural and safe they are perfect for children suffering from an anxiety disorder. They are a welcome substitute to the antidepressants frequently administered to combat anxiety, which carry an FDA warning about the dangers of suicidal thoughts, especially in teenagers.

Just to be clear, neither anti-anxiety drugs nor herbal supplements can cure anxiety disorders. They can, however, relieve the symptoms which will allow you to live a more robust life. The upside of herbal anxiety remedies is that they treat your symptoms without the risk of severe side effects.

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