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Beneficial Effects of a Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue massage is a technique designed to realign deep layers of muscle, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissue. Many typical massage strokes and moves are used in this method. The difference is that these moves are performed much slower and with more pressure, usually in concentrated areas. This procedure is especially beneficial for tight, tense areas such as the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

Even a slight injury will result in adhesion of the muscle tissue. These adhesions, also called knots, result in pain and stiffness. These knots are a result of inflammation and tearing of the muscle. These injured areas will form stiff scar tissue which will bind to surrounding areas to decrease movement. Additionally, oxygen delivery becomes much more difficult for these areas. Deep tissue massage aims to break down and relieve these areas of rigidness to restore movement and minimize pain. Several sessions of this massage can alleviate pain caused by rigid muscles that have existed for years.

Due to its nature, slight soreness can occur after this treatment. This can be minimized through effective communication during the massage. Either way, this pain will subside within one or two days. Every client is different, so it is important to note that each person will have different pain thresholds. This technique is extremely effective and at the same time can be somewhat strenuous, whether you are the practitioner or the client.

This form of therapy is corrective, therapeutic, and detoxifying. Through the kneading and pulling of muscles, oxygen flow is increased. Lactic acid and other debris can become contained inside of tight muscles. Deep tissue massage can release these toxins, which can easily be flushed away with water.

Deep tissue is excellent technique to help people with chronic pain, athletes, and those who have suffered injury. It is an extremely effective pain reducing method. Many proponents attribute results similar to and better than those achieved through normal physical therapy and medication.

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