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How to Treat a Yeast Infection Naturally, Permanently


If you want to treat a yeast infection naturally and permanently without using antibiotics then this article can be of help. This vaginal infection is caused by a fungal organism called candida albicans. Pain in the vagina, irritation and a white cheesy vaginal discharge are some of the common symptoms of the problem.

A depleted immune system is one of the main reasons for this problem. The depletion happens due to consumption of birth control pills, antibiotics and hormonal imbalance in the body. All these factors result in reduced number of friendly good bacteria in the vagina. And this means reduced protection against diseases.

So the first step to prevent and treat a vaginal yeast infection naturally and permanently should involve building the body immunity and good protective bacteria in the vagina. You may want to do this by way of consuming foods that provide the good bacteria in the form of culture. Alternately you can always buy supplements that do the same job. Refer to the label on the supplement for dosage details.

Second step to treat a yeast infection naturally should be the elimination of candida albicans organism in the vagina. You can achieve this by using natural herbs and plants that have anti fungal properties. Garlic has excellent properties to fight candida. You can use raw garlic for ingestion and apply a paste to the vagina skin. Another way to do this is by using garlic capsules.

The third step to treat a yeast infection naturally and permanently is restoration of the ph balance in the vagina. This can be done by using an item like vinegar to restore a slightly acidic ph level in the vagina. Washing the vagina with water that has vinegar in it is an excellent way to restore vaginal balance.

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