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Detox Body – Resist Auto-immune Disease – Vitamins

Although “organic” is very difficult to be certain of, from anyone you do not know farms properly, you can at least keep the toxins down by eating organic brands.   They tend to have less harmful, toxic, autoimmune stressing chemicals overall.   You may not get the well-tended farm variety of vegetables or humanely grown, grass-fed creature, and there may not be quite the nutrition carried by the pure version of a given food but toxins, additives and other undetectable contaminants are still unknown to medical science.

Our immune system has its weakness and of course it’s impossible to be perfect. Hence, the environmental toxins can alter our genes, leading to physical disorders.

Our body’s immune system is greatly constructed to be able to expel toxins with fevers, diarrhea, and vomiting. Yet, if a rather silent toxin is continually attacking the system, it will lead to an autoimmune condition.

Autoimmune conditions are disorders in which immunity has gone awry, causing the body to turn on itself. The remaining “toxins” continues to alert the immune system.

Many autoimmune conditions are triggered by diet, as sugar, wheat, pesticides, gluten, heavy metals and genetically modified organisms cause distension and eventual pH changes.

Inflammations are the defense reaction of the body and they are short term, but they can lead to long term chronic conditions.

The following are some instances of autoimmune conditions:

Nerves-diabetic & peripheral neuropathy
Muscles-fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy
Blood-leukemia, lupus, hemolytic conditions
Thyroid-Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease
Bones-rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, polymyalgia rheumatica
Lungs-Wegener’s granulomatosis, asthma
Skin-eczema, psoriasis, scleroderma, vitiligo
Brain-MS, autism, Guillain-Barre syndrome (caused by flu shot or a virus)
GI tract/pancreas-Celiacs, IBS, Crohns, ulcerative colitis, diabetes
According to allopathic medicine, immuno-suppression, or depressing our natural immunity rather than finding the cause, can be the answer to these diseases.

However, there are completely natural ways and methods which can help you detoxify the entire body and strengthen the immune system to prevent diseases of any kind.

Here’s a way to detox:


You should focus on organic foods only, i.e. trim wheat products & meat products, no gluten, soy, dairy, processed and fried foods, and all kinds of GMOs (FALLACY – “Non GMO” labeled foods – nearly all cultivated foods today are altered from their original genetic constituency – Non GMO foods are therefore nearly non existent purposefully or by the natural means of diluting the original gene pool by pollination and other means of genetic dispersal or integration. [Even organic cultivars grown to appear pleasant and uniform become varieties which tend to have resistances to market-limiting phenotypes {physical manifestations}. This means that the resistance of a plant to disease, drought].   Market varieties, whether GMO or not, may look best but are bred to sell and not bred for their original, natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements; they are less nutritious.   Even studies which compare “Organic” and “Conventional” (or “Standard”) cultivars, the market-limiting removal of products which don’t sell well defaults to those resistant to disease, drought, poor soil, etc.   These fruits and vegetables are not as nutritious and is the reason research now shows the main advantage of eating “Organic” is limited.   You will reduce the number and intensity of toxicities (pesticides, herbicides, hormones, etc. but other contaminants including low-quality water can muddy-up your metabolism) in your diet but, you will not consume the nutrition normally attributable to organically grown fruits and vegetables (organic food ratings are generally weak and the individual must verify which validation certificates are being adhered to).  Consider a high-quality multivitamin.   High-quality multivitamins have bioavailable components which are processed in an accredited laboratory; this laboratory should also rate ingredients for impurities and toxins which are high in most origin locations of vitamin contents like China.  Vitamin supplementation is important these days so saving money on cheap brands may be offset by deficiency diseases (vitamin deficiency) or toxicities.

Keep a food elimination / food inclusion journal until you have reasonably raised your dietary level to a balanced nutrient level.  This will improve immunity, regeneration and reduce toxin levels.

Practice fasting, juicing and cleansing periodically.

Continue to consume healthy fats like coconut, avocado, omega-3’s, cold-water fish, olive oil, nuts and seeds oils, and  probiotics.  Do not be confused about fat being the evil substance as it was considered during recent generations – just use healthy, clean and unprocessed fats when possible.  Alkaline diets can be of great help they are low in sodium and high in potassium foods.

 Liver cleanse

Use burdock root, dandelion root, milk thistle, beets, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, turmeric or curcumin, fermented foods, and castor oil to eliminate toxins from the liver.  The liver cleanse should always contain ornithine.

Drink carrot juice and eat tart green apples for a week, in order to soften your gallstones and to prevent them become dislodged during the detox process. Then, take a shot of olive oil with lemon juice and do a castor oil pack at night.

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