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Is Your Liver Under Attack? Take Milk Thistle For Liver Damage


Our body has some excellent defence systems in place to deal with bugs, germs and toxins. Quite often it’s the liver that takes the brunt of these toxic attacks, so taking milk thistle for liver damage is one recommendation.

A quite sound one it seems, as many medical studies and reports into the how and why, have given a positive thumbs up to its continued use. And why not, as it’s not artificial or manufactured, it’s a naturally occurring plant that was even put to good medicinal use by the ancient Romans.

Modern medicine has advanced a few steps since then and today it’s the extract taken from the seed of the plant that’s the useful bit. Called silymarin, it’s a mix of compounds that are known collectively as flavonoids, which have good, antioxidant properties.

This extract and the taking of milk thistle for liver damage, has been the subject of many medical reports and studies. Many have attested to its efficacy as it seems to offer a protective effect. Quite how is better understood by scientists with medical terminology, but the proof of the pudding is there it seems.

This silymarin extract can actually help generate new liver cells and works at a cellular level in stabilizing and strengthening cell membranes. For patients with hepatitis, cirrhosis or alcohol induced liver damage that’s positive news. But, even healthy minded individuals could benefit from it by taking it as a general tonic.

That’s because your liver deals with toxins from many sources, like your immediate environment or workplace. For instance, air pollutants can and do often travel great distances posing a threat, even if you live in the countryside. Also exposure to pesticides and heavy metals like mercury and lead is closer than you think, as in foods like fish or in drinking water.

It’s not hard to ensure your liver gets these health benefits, simply include milk thistle as a daily dietary supplement or, by taking it as part of a multi-vitamin capsule. Go and give you liver health a boost today!

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