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Ecology Attention – interrelatedness is King

It is difficult to toxify one aspect of a metabolic system without all parts of the system becoming afffected.   The system as a whole compensates and seeks the healthfulness and wellness of equilibrium.   Stabilizing a biological system, or organism is limited.   As the Earth is clearly a biological system, is it even due the ating of an organism in itself.?   Take the human digestive track, it is an ecosystem of its own although it interacts with the outside world daily.  There are support features such as temperature, blood-product mediation of fluid loss, dangerous microbe control and an enormous sea of microbial balance which is always seeking equilibrium.

There are many comparisons to life forms, their communities, environments, altitude they live in , niche, ocean, planet, etc., but viewing the entire natural world as one system is the most realistic accurate and what is required to justify preserving it as best wew can as well as the perception that it, the Ecosystem of the Earth, will cleanse and detoxify itself natually.

Are we leaning too far in the direction of confidence in the Earth’s ability to absorb excessive toxic insult and other changes such as temperature?

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