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Formalities Before Boarding the Plane


Before you travel, it is important to learn about weather and health prevailing in the host country.  Raw meat cafe? you should be an expert to partak in local delicacies.         Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Raw meat restaraunt (1)                                          Are there epidemics? What are the diseases that are most frequent? etc. These simple questions help to update vaccinations – especially children – and to bring essential medicines prescribed by the doctor. In general, vaccines against influenza, typhoid and “hepatitis A” are required prior to travel to Africa, Asia and in most tropical countries identified as “at high risk”. Another precaution to take: those who fly with their babies need to prepare a small travel kit containing supplies of food and water, layers of parts, toys, clothing, etc. In short, everything baby may be required depending on length of trip. Those traveling with babies are generally very well treated by the crew; it is the same for women who are pregnant, however, bring a travel authority issued by their physician. images-91.jpgThe aircraft is the means of transport that is faster, the key is to be well prepared. airamb1.jpg Also consider travel medical consult after an excursion.Some signs and symptoms may be normal changed from diet, jet-lag, altitude, etc. but catch the signs of infection, toxicity and allergies to food early through a holistic healthcare practitioner. And,  seek professional care under a clinician with solid experience in the given region and activity which you had partaken.  Travel-Tips-for-Adventure-Travel-Tours1.jpg


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