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Sexual Health

How Using Natural Remedies Can Give You Better Sexual Health

As everyone knows diet and nutrition are important to health. What you may not realize however is that it is important to a woman’s sexual health as well. As a woman ages her hormone levels decrease. Her libido plummets into nothingness. One option available to treat this is hormone replacement therapy but this is not the only option available. If ...

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Drug Abuse and Society

Drug abuse affects not only the addict but also his family, friends, the neighborhood, and society at large. It also affects businesses and government resources, which can well be borne out by the fact that the United States had to bear the brunt of an economic cost of $180.9 billion for drug abuse. Drug abuse affects the health of the ...

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What is Child Exploitation?

The very words exploit means to use unfairly for one’s own advantage. Sexual abuse can take the form of child exploitation for example, by photographing the child in a compromising situation, with the intent to either use the photos for their own sexual stimulation or to sell the photos as pornography. It can also mean kidnapping and selling children into ...

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Facts About Prostate Milking

Prostate milking is also referred to as prostate massage. It is the stimulation or massage of the male prostate gland. This can be done for medical purposes or for sexual purposes. The reason for the need for prostate milking is that seminal fluids are collected in the prostate and need to be released, especially if a man is no longer ...

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Deep, Hot Sex – A Deep Penetration Position

Some women love deep penetration sex, but their partners are unable to deliver because of a small or average sized penis. Have no fear. There is a position that will allow you to deliver what your partner wants. It’s called the crab. Position your lover on her back towards the end of the bed so that her butt is at ...

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What Is a Penis Plug?

Until a few years ago, I had never heard of a penis plug. You want me to put What,Where? The thought of putting a piece of stainless steel in my penis hole was horrifying. Stuff is supposed to come out of my penis, not go in! But after a few weeks of my wife’s coaxing, I finally gave in. And ...

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How to Improve My Sexual Performance with Women

Men are always seeking for ways and tips to improve their sexual performance in bed so as to not disappoint their lovers. According to research, disappointment in bed is one of the greatest fears that a man can have. The methods to improve your sexual performance are not rocket science. By following simple methods consistently, you will start to see ...

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The Myths and Facts about Nudism

Scientists have a general idea about when humans first started wearing clothes. They draw their conclusions from genetic studies of the common body louse. The body louse feeds on humans but needs clothing to infest in order to do so. The studies show that humans first began to wear clothes some 72,000 years ago. That is give or take 42,000 ...

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Practical Oral Sex Instructions

Oral sex is one of the most erotic of pleasures you can give to your partner. Here are certain things you can try o The most important thing you should do before you get down to oral sex is to reassure her. Most women feel that they don’t smell great there and their partner does not enjoy being there. Most ...

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