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Male Sexual Health and Performance – What Really Works

What red blooded man on this planet doesn’t long to be a true stallion in the sack? The fact, is that it is hardwired into every man and it all relates to Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. That’s right, like it or not, all men are instinctively programmed to have sex as much as possible. Stress – The ...

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Post Menopause Libido and How to Boost it Naturally

Menopause or the midlife crisis brings about a lot of body changes in women. The main cause this is a drop in the production of female sex hormone estrogen. As a result of a drop in the production of this hormone, most women experience low libido post menopause. Sex does not excite you any more and it takes a backseat ...

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Improving Your Sexual Health

As men age, most start suffering a decrease in sex drive. This isn’t as normal as you’d think, men still usually feel as much sexual desire as they did in their middle age. There’s more to this then simply just getting older. There are many factors that could be to blame, both physical and emotional. Most problems of low libido ...

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Sex After 60 – Some Tips and Thoughts For Senior Sex Enjoyment

Getting older does not necessarily mean there’s a decline in appearance or senior sex. In fact, advanced age can provide a freedom to explore and experience sexual pleasures. Advancing in age provides freedom to explore and enjoy our sexuality. Just because you’ve reach the so-called “golden” age, does not mean you hole up in a retirement home waiting for the ...

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Best Sexual Positions – For Men Last Longer In Bed

In this series of articles on best sexual positions, we cover a whole range of situations and conditions concerning intercourse and deal with the best sexual position to delay a man’s ejaculation. Below you will find the perfect position for the man who finishes too quickly. Delaying the Ejaculation There are many numerous reasons why a man finishes to quickly, ...

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Sex Healing Power: Top 10 Effects of Sex on Human Health

It is quite unfortunate that many couples have a kind of sex life that is casual. They have little or no emotional attraction at a deep level, which can help to improve on their mental and physical health. This is because they are yet to realize sex healing power. Sex transcends your thought of it as an ordinary activity that ...

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A Look at Teen Parenting Statistics

Teen parenting statistics will show that teen parenting is still a rising occurrence in today’s society despite widely available sex education and numerous birth control methods. Teen parenting statistics also indicate that teenage parents and their child are both at a disadvantage in terms of health, education, and finances. Teenage mothers face higher health risks than mothers at an older ...

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