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Post Menopause Libido and How to Boost it Naturally


Menopause or the midlife crisis brings about a lot of body changes in women. The main cause this is a drop in the production of female sex hormone estrogen. As a result of a drop in the production of this hormone, most women experience low libido post menopause.

Sex does not excite you any more and it takes a backseat in your life. This could also also lead to relationship problems.

A dip in estrogen levels not only rob you of your sexual urge but also results in dryness of the vagina. Low estrogen levels tend to make walls of the vagina thin and dry. In the absence of natural lubrication penetrative sex becomes extremely painful. A large number of women experience bleeding during intercourse. Not only this, most women experience a constant itch or a burning sensation in the vagina. This can be extremely irritating and painful. No wonder, most women lose all their interest in having sex.

However, there are some natural ways to boost post menopause libido in women.

Thankfully, there are some all natural supplements specially designed for women that not only increase libido but also relieve vaginal dryness and other menopause symptoms.

Such supplements combine various natural ingredients such as:

  • ginkgo biloba
  • horny goat weed
  • black cohosh
  • ginger root
  • ginseng
  • damiana
  • red raspberry
  • tribulus terrestris
  • melatonin etc.,

Such supplements:

  • increase blood flow to the genitals and ensure engorgement of the clitoris
  • increase natural lubrication by supporting your body’s natural hormonal system.

In other words, such supplements not only help boost blood circulation to the genitals but also help your body produce more estrogen. Herbs such as red raspberry and damiana are particularly good in terms of increasing estrogen production in your body. Not only this, they also help you overcome other menopause symptoms such as hot flashes etc., Damiana also helps increase clitoral sensitivity. This ensures that you can climax soon after foreplay.

Ingredients such as ginseng and ginkgo increase blood flow, reduce stress and boost libido.Black cohosh helps cure symptoms of menopause and also increases orgasm intensity.

High quality supplements are clinically approved and free of side effects. Some of such supplements have also been featured on FOX NEWS.

Besides such supplements, there are some lubricants or gels that can also be a big help. Such gels work instantly in application by increasing blood flow to the clitoris. They also ensure a slippery and velvety touch so that you can feel sensations you would have never imagined even in your dreams. They can do a whole lot of good to boost your sex drive. One of such top quality gel has been featured on the hit TV show THE DOCTORS.

So, if you Want to Boost Your Post Menopause Libido, check out the Best Female Libido Boosters that have helped many women enjoy Blissful Sex Once Again!

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