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9 Taoist Sex Positions – Discover The Ancient Taoist Secrets To Great Sex

In “The Classic Of The Arcane Maid”, an ancient Taoist text, describes several secret sex positions guaranteed to improve sexual pleasure and health. 9 Taoist Sex Positions 1. Somersaulting Dragons: The woman reclines on her back, while the man lies over her. She then presses her thighs into the bed squeezing her vulva, while the man enters into her. With ...

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The Secret To Better Orgasms – Why Pilates For Men Improves Sexual Performance

Want better orgasms? Run; don’t walk, to your friendly local Pilates studio. Pilates for men may help sexual performance. Pilates for men has many benefits including increased flexibility and strength, but it also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. Stronger pelvic floor equals stronger orgasms and better bladder control. As for the connection to men’s health and better orgasms, let’s first ...

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Current Health Articles – Diet and Sports

It is extremely important for people who are in the sports world to have a very healthy and fit body as they need to put long hours of practice to be able to accomplish the perfection required. Many current health articles emphasize on the necessity of taking supplements and calories to keep the body healthy, however, it is even more ...

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Erectile Function, Exercise and Cardiovascular Fitness – Tips for Supporting Penile Health

While issues with erectile function are generally associated with aging, men at every stage of life may experience the occasional flop in the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction is a complex problem with a multitude of underlying causes, but the bottom line is that penis performance is an indicator of what is going on with the body in general, and especially with ...

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Seanol – Most Powerful Antioxidants From the Sea

Seanol is another breakthrough supplement that improves your cholesterol and has many other benefits. Cholesterol and cardiovascular problems run deeply in my family history and my goal is to find natural supplements to take care of my problems and prevent problems before they start. It is unbelievable and something that I did not know until I started researching, that there ...

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Masters and Johnson Method – How to Do it and Better

The Masters And Johnson method has been famous for decades and helped men to stop their premature ejaculation. So, how do you do it and are there any better ways? The Theory The idea with this method is that when you feel that you are very close to ejaculating, you should quickly stop stimulation and then apply the squeeze to ...

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Signs That Your Woman Is Sexually Satisfied

Men are sometimes confused because it is not easy to tell whether their women are sexually satisfied. Finding her G-spot and stimulating it was not easy and making her orgasm really makes you sweat but you do not know the signs to check for to decide on when to stop after you are sure that she is sexually satisfied. To ...

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