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Masters and Johnson Method – How to Do it and Better


The Masters And Johnson method has been famous for decades and helped men to stop their premature ejaculation. So, how do you do it and are there any better ways?

The Theory

The idea with this method is that when you feel that you are very close to ejaculating, you should quickly stop stimulation and then apply the squeeze to the penis. Let’s see exactly how to do this.

The Squeeze Technique

The actual technique involves placing your thumb under your glans and then the first two fingers on top of the glans or one finger behind it. Then apply firm pressure and the penis should deflate. You can then start arousal later.

Is It Safe?

It might seem brutal but it has been done for many years and there have not been any reports of side effects from using this method.

The Drawbacks

Unfortunately, it is a little inconvenient. Actually, you’ll find greater success if your partner does it and this could bring you closer and she may enjoy doing this for you. But, ultimately, it doesn’t address the fact that you reach ejaculation very quickly and it interrupts penetration.


There are many alternatives out there. For instance, there are a number of convenient aids such as mild anesthetic condoms and anesthetic sprays. If you don’t like those then there are some drugs that could be used. However, if you don’t like drugs either then there are also a whole host of natural methods that can be learned.

The best thing about these natural methods is that they allow your arousal to “plateau” and you can keep penetrating for 20 minutes if you want to. Then you choose to ejaculate when it is convenient for you.

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