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Homeopathic Depression Treatments And Herbal Supplements


Homeopathic Depression Treatments are considered alternative because they are not standard practice in western medicine. Herbal supplementation is also considered as alternative for the same reason. These are only two of many alternative treatments for Depression.

Homeopathic Depression Treatments

Homeopathy is a practice that takes into account your mind, your body, your emotional state, and your spiritual state. It is believed that one affects the others. If one state is out of kilter it creates an imbalance that in turn may create physical and/or mental illnesses.

Homeopathy also uses minute doses of drugs that in greater doses would produce a particular illness. The goal is to stimulate the body’s own healing and defense systems.

Light therapy is often used in a depressive disorder called SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. This disorder is most prevalent in Fall and Winter when there is less sunlight.

Light therapy can often help to relieve some of the symptoms. You are seated a couple of feet from a specially designed box with very bright bulbs. The light is aimed at your eyes and this is done for about a half hour at a time.

Herbal Supplements

The use of herbs in healing has been done for centuries. The practice of herbal treatments is regaining popularity because many people want to avoid the harmful side effects of many of the traditional antidepressant medications and others just do not want to put anything that is not natural into their bodies.

Herbs such as Siberian Ginseng are known for its ability to stimulate the immune system. It may benefit Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and memory. It also may boost your mental endurance and your mood.

Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum) works to support the health of the liver. It may also help in the treatment of cancer. It may also reduce inflammation especially in the liver.

Green Tea is known for its antioxidant properties. It helps to improve cognitive ability. It may boost your mood and over all metabolism. It also eases stomach problems.

High quality herbal supplements go through rigorous testing. The metabolic paths of the ingredients are tested at the molecular level. The interaction of the ingredients is also watched. When manufactured the supplements must be made to pharmaceutical. standards.


Homeopathic medicine takes into account the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual of patients. It gives drugs in very small doses that in greater doses will produce the disease itself. This is meant to stimulate the body’s immune and defense systems. Herbal supplements have been around in one form or another for centuries. They are very instrumental in healing or treating particular health conditions. As always consult with your doctor before adding anything to your health regimen.

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