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Seanol – Most Powerful Antioxidants From the Sea


Seanol is another breakthrough supplement that improves your cholesterol and has many other benefits. Cholesterol and cardiovascular problems run deeply in my family history and my goal is to find natural supplements to take care of my problems and prevent problems before they start. It is unbelievable and something that I did not know until I started researching, that there are natural supplements that can do what medication can do without the dangerous side affects. I chose the natural supplement over medication even though I have to pay the full price to keep from suffering the side affects that sometimes can be fatal.

Seanol is a super antioxidant that is found deep waters of the Orients. It is called Ecklonia Cava, a special brown seaweed that contains some of the most powerful antioxidants on earth.

Divers harvest the seaweed by hand, let it dry naturally and the key nutrients are extracted manually to protect the nutrient content of this ocean grown superfood. Seanol is made from the ocean grown superfood, a powerful nutrient with incredible health benefits.

Taking Seanol for just 8 weeks can improve your cholesterol and helps raise your protective HDL (good) cholesterol. There are not many nutrients that can raise your HDL cholesterol. Seanol improves your cholesterol, keeps your mind alert, and comforts your joints. Nearly every part of your body responds to this amazing product.

Seanol contains two antioxidants called polyhenols and phlorotannins. Phlorotannins is the one that does the magic. The two special antioxidants are found in sea vegetables and are not found in land-based plants. The sea is where Scientists expects to find our next nutritional discoveries and Seanol is one of the first.

Benefits of Seanol:

*Promote cardiovascular health

*Enhance circulation and blood flow

*Promote normal cholesterol levels

*Increase protective HDL cholesterol

*Increase blood flow to the brain

*Boost attention and mental sharpness

*Keep you alert

*Improve joint function and joint comfort

*Provide powerful antioxidant protection to your entire body

*Boost your energy levels

*Improve your stamina

Source by Lillian D Johnson

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